We don’t have a First Lady

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Oh, we love to copy Americana and their habits.

Least we start something which is totally incorrect if The Bahamas were to have a person so titled “First Lady” she would have to be the wife of the “First Male” who is the Governor General. Media please don’t start this foolishness...the Prime Minister’s wife is not the first lady.

A commentator on ZNS started talking about the very American thing after a US election “the first 100-days”... sorry in the Westminster system doesn’t exist.

Press — media access to a public official? In bygone times access would be limited, but today whether the elected official or appointee likes it they have to be fully accessible to the media and press... remember who writes the last words.

Tuesday Cabinet... surely it would be easy for the Press Officer to hold a Press conference in the afternoon and outline items on Cabinet’s agenda and where applicable communicate the resolution or agreement of cabinet? Again all Ministers are ‘servants of the People’ access should never be denied.

In the House Assembly the Minnis regime refused to answer Opposition questions...in four plus years there were over 300 questions answered.... advice to PM Davis... every Wednesday the morning session should be Prime Minister’s Question time. Yes, Editor... every Wednesday without fail.



October 11, 2021.


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