A COMIC'S VIEW: It’s beginning to look like the same old PLP


ANN MARIE DAVIS, the wife of Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis, sitting in the office she questioned when it was occupied by Patricia Minnis.


Oh, what a difference a month makes. Now that we are shifting away from the last general elections, it’s become clearer what direction the Davis administration is going in. And I have to say; it seems awfully familiar.

Though we all know how it is around election time, when ‘mouth can say anything,’ I’m still a little bit surprised at how fast Davis and Co. have adopted some of the same policies the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) lambasted while in opposition.

For example

PLP before elections: Minnis gotta go! Min-nis got-ta go! Ring da bell! Ring it right now! Cause Min-nis got-ta go! Min-nis gotta go!

PLP after elections: OMG! Why did Minnis call elections in the middle of a pandemic?! Never mind our campaigning and ‘drive-thru’ rallies. Or even our ambiguous stance on the unvaccinated campaigning, it’s his fault! It was a super spreader event! Blame Minnis!

PLP before elections: Don’t you dare tell us what to do! Vaccines are a “personal choice”! You’re “oppressive”! We’re gonna do free testing. Stop focusing on vaccines!!

PLP after elections: Minnis didn’t do enough to secure vaccines! OMG! What’s that, you say? Oh, never mind the almost four hundred thousand vaccines Minnis secured from Uncle Joe and the United States! We forgot to order more! So we need vaccines! Vaccines! What are we to do???


MINISTER of Agriculture Marine Resources & Family Island Affairs Clay Sweeting wants to bring sexy back.

PLP before elections: Minnis dem want to make a Prospect Ridge subdivision for all their cronies! What is a ‘young professional’ anyway? Elitist! Ageist! Discriminatory! It’s for their rich friends, I tell ya! It’s horrible!!!

PLP after elections: OMG! Why wasn’t the Prospect Ridge development more thought out? They got their pictures from Google!! Google!! But, ya know, it’s really a great idea! The PLP will definitely finish this project. But it’s gonna cost ya more. So it’s probably best PLP family, friends, and lovers need only apply! Siri, show me pictures of really expensive homes!

PLP before elections: Office of the Spouse? What’s the point, really? I do charity work all the time, and I see no need for this. My reach is far-reaching. As in, reaching far! There’s no need for this ‘office’! None whatsoever! What a disgrace!

PLP after elections: Well, what had happened was, the ‘technocrats’ have forced my hand. I actually think the ‘Office of the Spouse’ is a great idea! There are so many good works we can do! And we will do it! OMG! I’m gonna be the next Michelle Obama!!

PLP before elections: This travel visa is a scam! A scam, I tell ya! When we come to office, we will do away with this scam! It’s unnecessary! Unneeded! Call the Auditor General right now! And the Attorney General too! This travel visa scam will not do!

PLP after elections: My, my, my, this travel visa is actually an excellent idea! We’re getting so much free information! Free! Information! We are definitely keeping this, because, it’s free information! It’s like free gold!!

PLP before elections: What is Minnis doing? This policy is about dictatorship! A police state, I tell ya! The police are everywhere! No, no, no! There are too many restrictions! This will not do!

PLP after elections: What’s that? Covid clusters, you say? Well, we will make sure the police are enforcing the law! These people are out of control! Quarantine, quarantine! Police! Police!

PLP before elections: This food programme is too costly! Cronyism, I say! Who is getting all this food? And all this money?

PLP after elections: OMG! There are over 4,000 Bahamians still asking us to feed them. What are we to do? There are so many hungry Bahamians, and we’re gonna ‘need that lil ting’ to feed these people. And, um, yeah. We’re gonna need some time to wrap our heads around this.

PLP before elections: What’s up with this ‘Fisheries Bill’? We can do better. In fact, the PLP will have the bill “tweaked in the public’s interest” if we become the government after the general elections.

PLP after elections: We love farming! And fishing! Oh, baby, we’re bringing sexy back! These other fellas don’t know how to act! So don’t watch nuttin’!!!

PLP before elections: A PLP government will be about transformation, new faces, new ideas!

PLP after elections: Quick, sneak ‘Jeromie the Homie’ in through the back door, while no one’s looking!

And that, folks, is why many Bahamians feel the more things change, the more they stay the same. But, hey, it’s a ‘new day’!


themessenger 2 years, 1 month ago

You’re right on @naughty, SSDD!!


IAmOne 2 years, 1 month ago

Boy Naughty, I come on here just for this column. Well done as always. The hypocrisy is ripe with this bunch. Smdh.


mandela 2 years, 1 month ago

Yeah well, it's a new day. After 12am or every morning we get up it's a new day, but fortunately or unfortunately a lot still remains the same, it's only been a month, so get over it Naughty.


Sherrill 2 years, 1 month ago

Why is the "New Day" Gov't allowing or still allowing cruise ships to anchor off of Egg island where the reefs there are particularly important and were included in the list of newly-Gezzeted Marine Protected areas? It's shocking to see cruise ships anchored there and especially after locals were very vocal in their opposition to Egg Island becoming another private cruise port. So much for the PLP's caring about the Bahamas environment. For me to have any belief in them they are going to have to make some serious changes and stop worrying about whom they're going to offend to get campaign money and votes. They must also end the cruel and inhumane surrey trade. That is a complete DISGRACE!


TalRussell 2 years, 1 month ago

Comrade 'Naughty', says he forgot list, Whaaat?
Oh yeah, he forgot include the more important #20 on his long rambling list of before and after the election, being now it's 36 days of observing the moves "Brave" Davis and there hasn't been indicator that the Colony's new governance is about suffer anything like kinds diseases that lead to complications like this and everything like those diseases were observed under 1620 days of the former premiership, having been stricken with Leadership Dropsy and every possible of complication like those, this and that.
Comrade 'Naughty', has now joined new verbal ranks Red Loyalists, who's silence helped prop up the now correctly almost a full 100% of the House-elected Red MPs' who managed have gotten themselves fired on September 18, 2021, due to complications like this and everything like those diseases were observed daily over the 620 days Leadership of Dropsy.
Pretty pettingly sad when you lower yourself to turn to attack The Colony's current or former First of Ladies — Yes?


TalRussell 2 years, 1 month ago

"the more important #19. September 16, 2021. 1620 days Leadership of Dropsy."


BahamasForBahamians 2 years, 1 month ago

Naughty before elections: SING FOR FNM SUPPER And turn to a blind eye to FNM misdeeds

Naughty after elections: SING FOR FNM SUPPER And turn to a blind eye to FNM misdeeds

not to discredit his PLP attacks because some of them are very true.... but until your views are without political bias.. that is all this column ever be.. a PLP attack lol


pileit 2 years, 1 month ago

Obviously you've never read his column if you suggest he capes for the FNM....


Proguing 2 years, 1 month ago

Don't know if he has political bias, but that was funny...


bahamaslovenest 2 years, 1 month ago

Inigo /Naughty , u forgot also, the one where Brave stated on several occasions before the elections , that , the PM should not be the Minister of Finance ; the New Day Minister of Finance, & Perry Christie protagonist, our very own Minister of Finance / PM. Prepare yourselves for another 5 years of Perry Christie, the new day has begun, but the same old still remains - out can say anything.


moncurcool 2 years, 1 month ago

So true. Spot on

New Day Gone, now Same old faces, with the same old crap!


Sherrill 2 years, 1 month ago

Hypocrisy's rule; ignore what you said campaigning: Hypocracy's reign; Do what you want when in power! Please keep reminding this "new" Government that they are going to be held accountable and keep up with your one to one comparisons of what they said and what they are doing. How about the cruise ships at Egg Island!!?? The reefs around that island are particularly important, and were included in the list of newly-gazetted Marine Protected Areas. It's shocking to see cruise ships anchored there especially after locals were very vocal in their opposition to Egg Island becoming another private cruise port. The PLP could show that they are serious about protecting our environment and the threat to us by global warming by addressing this problem and also the mess that Disney is going to make of Lighthouse Point. It's not too late to just say NO to these projects. Don't get me started on cruise ships but at least keep them in ports, not tearing up our fragile end deteriorating reefs.


FrustratedBusinessman 2 years, 1 month ago

Just need to update this to include Gibson now.

Brave dem soon dig up Pindling or BJs corpse to give one gubmint position to.


Sherrill 2 years, 1 month ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂 Sure seems so, thus far.


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