Dealer says electric autos key in climate change fight


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Electric cars will be vital in the fight against climate change, a Bahamian auto dealer says, while aiding the push to generate 30 percent of the country’s energy needs from renewables by 2030.

Pia Farmer, Easy Car Sales principal, said: “As our country aims for our energy mix to include 30 percent of renewable sources by 2030, we especially want to see our homes and businesses powered by the plentiful Bahamian sun, each with a solar-ready electric car in the driveway. That is the vision. That’s what we would like to do.

“If we do that; if we harness the power of this bountiful sun, and we use electric cars, it will make us more resilient to the galloping effects of climate change, to which our archipelago is especially vulnerable.”

Ms Farmer, speaking at the launch of the BYD HAN sports vehicle, added: “This is the first time the Han is being launched and presented internationally outside of China. And this is a big deal for us in The Bahamas. That means that we’re on the map.”

The launch event for the BYD HAN was live streamed to over 50 countries, and is the first time persons outside China are seeing the vehicle.

Easy Car Sales’ entry into the electric vehicle market helped The Bahamas in 2020 to enjoy the world’s eighth highest year-over-year increase in electric car sales, albeit starting from a low sales base, as it the dealership started outfitting Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) and others with the vehicles.

Ms Farmer said: “We at Easy Car realised that the world would inevitably move away from gas, move away from diesel and the combustion engine, and that we should start preparing for the revolution in transportation taking place around the world.

“We began our search for a quality brand of electric vehicles to offer the Bahamian market. We found that BYD was far ahead of the competition in EV (electric vehicle) technology, battery technology, in style, in quality and in a range of models that we could offer the Bahamian public.”

Neva Zhang, sales manager for BYD for the Central American and Caribbean region, added: “We are only 26 years old as we started in 1995, and now we’ve grown up to be one of the pioneers in this revolution into the future. It has been a long journey, but we are happy that we are starting to get our dreams and the dreams of others.”


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