A COMIC'S VIEW: A parade of political promises


THIS week, as we draw closer to Election Day, the political promises were on full display.

School lunches? Check.

Land for unions? Check.

A different kind of governance? Check. One hundred thousand dollars for each Bahamian? Check.

Let’s begin.

Doable Promises

This week, in what was billed as a big speech by the Prime Minister, we learned that a Minnis administration, should they be elected for a second term, would provide free food for Bahamian students.

To say this is a big deal is an understatement. The truth is, should Doc and company be re-elected, they are now promising to provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks for all Bahamian students.

The thought of all Bahamian students receiving a “free lunch” actually warms my heart. How much better would our students in the public school sector perform were they not deprived of a hot breakfast and lunch?

This, I argue, would help our students perform at a level before unseen.

I know that there are many persons sceptical of Doc’s ability to pull this off, but if he were able to do this, along with ensuring we have enough vaccines to cover the whole country is all he did in a potential next term, he would have done something so transformative that our children’s children would benefit.

So I give Dr Minnis an A+ on the promise, and hope it becomes a reality no matter who wins on September 16th.

Empty Super Value for the sake of the kids. This is a good idea.

Less Doable Promises

I know the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has received a lot of flack for promising land to the unions in exchange for their support.

If we’re honest, this is not really doable.

For one, the unions cannot guarantee the support of their members, which I’m sure is diverse.

Secondly, it’s messy for a political party to strike this kind of deal in the first place.

According to Peter Goudie, the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation’s (BCCEC) labour division chief, ‘that the pledge to double the redundancy pay ceiling from 12 to 24 months could inflict an astronomical cost on struggling businesses at a time when the country was reeling from its worst-ever economic and fiscal crisis,’ as reported by this paper.

Why would Philip “Brave” Davis and the PLP enter into an agreement that is not only disavowed by many unions, but also has the potential to bankrupt businesses?

Honestly, I don’t know.

It may sound good to PLP politicians but would surely inspire the ire of many Bahamians.

I’m gradin’ this promise as ‘less doable.’

But should the PLP win, I guess the Unions would get Andros land for their headquarters.

Regular Promises

For their part, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is promising nothing but good governance.

In today’s Bahamas, where constituents expect ‘that Lil ting’ rolled up in a T-shirt, this is most unorthodox.

In a world not crowded by grand dreams of becoming millionaires overnight from our natural resources, the DNA would certainly have a winning message.

Unfortunately, promising what the country needs, as opposed to what Bahamians want, just may not be enough this time around.

Unrealistic Pipe Dreams

The Coalition of Independents (COI) made their name promising each Bahamian a cheque for one hundred thousand dollars.

Now as far as election promises go, this is a big whopper.

And totally undoable.

Perhaps that is why we haven’t heard much about this pipe dream in recent weeks.

Nevertheless, the COI continues to skate by on momentum garnered for this “Big Lie”.

Make no mistake, whomever wins control of the government come September 16 will have a monumental task in front of them.

But if you are voting for the Coalition in hopes of becoming an overnight thousandaire, please think again.

There will be many promises Bahamians have to evaluate. But more than a promise, we need to assess who can deliver.

Just remember, the bigger the campaign promise, the less likely the chance for it to come to fruition. We know how Bahamians go. You have been warned.


IslandWarrior 2 years ago

***Bahamians have yet learnt to take ownership of their own country to demand accountability and order from those who are elected to serve the people that make up the nation of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The current Political Ideology has created an unchecked industry where Bahamians rush to the Local Political game, like devoted fans of the same losing teams; believing just one more chance will improve the opportunity. But the fools game has its own rules, and those rules are the rules left by Colonial Masters; and its suppression over the subject who has passively settled for cheap T-shirts, bragging rights, and a few dollars if lucky or a bottle of beer.

To the Political Players Bahamians are of no consequence in the "fool's game" of Politics in the Bahamas. Footstools, ascending street tugs, and some may say criminals to the highest state office; the five year game of transforming once nobodies into an elite class while opening opportunities for themselves and not the people they should serve.

The poor, old and dying sit by in awe as wealth and access becomes a spectacle in this "fools game" just one more time with the hope of something different. But only the abuse where there is no accountability that takes a new face in the "fool's game" of Bahamian Politics.


JokeyJack 2 years ago

You may have a point about the COI. Nobody knows how much resources the 4 big ships take out every week. The value might only be like $200. They probably get donations from churches to cover the fuel bill and docking fees and captains salary etc.

In addition to that, an old aquaintance od mine who lived here in the early 70s told me the other day, that he truly hopes that Bahamians dont vote for the COI. He is one of them old racists, and i honestly dont know why i still even speak with him, but i try not to judge. He said black people don't have enough brains to manage the natural wealth of the Bahamas, and so even if the COI won, the Queen would just appoint a "receiver" for any funds.


TalRussell 2 years ago

Rightly so, I'd expect the PopoulacesEligibleToTurnOutVote, would go all ballistic on the Red Parties 39— 2021 election candidates —if they should discover that the individual with the $180,000 contract — is working out the office of the prime minister (opm) — that the $180,000+,a big parade fringe benefits, — doesn't include be stopping off at various government schools during — free breakfast and lunch breaks, — Yes?


birdiestrachan 2 years ago

There are already free meals in the government schools this has been so for a long time. The PM said he is extending the free meals to all of the children even to those who can afford to buy their own lunch.

He will tax the poor so that he can appear to be doing something.

For those who say none can learn on an empty stomach. It is also true when the belly is too full there comes a deep sleep

find out the facts. there are already free meals at the school.. like he was putting Mr: Hanna on the 100 dollar bills


TalRussell 2 years ago

@ComradeBirdie, your opposition to school-provided meals, reads like Hamlet's famous soliloquy — 'To Be Or Not To Be Attending Classes On Hungry Stomach' — but with the meanness red party's translation — Yes?


birdiestrachan 2 years ago

What I am saying is there is already a program that gives children food. It is not a new program adding children whose parents can afford to pay for their lunch is new.


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