Kwasi Thompson Keeps Seat In Gb


KWASI Thompson speaking at a recent FNM rally.


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KWASI Thompson thanked supporters after he was elected as the new member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama.

He was grateful to the residents of the constituency for their support and has pledged to continue to serve and fight with a passion on behalf of the people. He also thanked his campaign workers for their hard work.

The Free National Movement lost significant ground in this election after previously winning all five of the island’s seats in 2017. Unofficial results pegged the Progressive Liberal Party’s Ginger Moxey as the incoming representative for Pineridge and former Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe as the incoming representative for West Grand Bahama and Bimini. However the official results were not known up to press time.

“I want to first of all give God thanks for all of the persons in East Grand Bahama who supported me,” the Free National Movement member said. “I want to say it was a humbling experience to have so many persons in East Grand Bahama give us their support. I want to thank my team who did a tremendous job; they worked tirelessly in a very short period of time to bring the result we got.”

Mr Thompson also thanked the people of Grand Bahama for their continued support of the Free National Movement.

“I want to also thank all the people of Grand Bahama for their support and for allowing me to serve as their minister of state for Grand Bahama, finance and digitisation. I think the focus has to continue to be on the people of Grand Bahama.

“I said prior to the election that whoever wins come September 17, the same challenges that were there on the 16th will continue to remain there on the 17th. So, the focus still has to be one solving the problems of Grand Bahamians.”

Mr Thompson said they will continue to represent the people of Grand Bahama

“I am not sure how many seats we got, but Grand Bahama supported the FNM. We may not have retained the government, but Grand Bahama supported the FNM, and we are very grateful for the support they gave us, and we will continue to represent the people of Grand Bahama.”

He also said: “I believe all candidates and members of Parliament who continue to retain their seat had a passion for the people, and that passion has not changed and they will continue to serve. That is what I expect of all of my colleagues in the FNM , and we will continue to serve the people of Grand Bahama.”


TalRussell 4 weeks ago

Without missin' a beat, — East Grand Bahama's, Kwasi Thompson, was quick to microphone to confirm. — He remains, — 101 nautical miles east from acknowledging the utter lies, — Spoken as Promises, — which were made to Grand Bahamalanders.
Yes,— acts, committed by his, — Kwasi Thompson's, — now reduced to being disgraced, shamed, and cursed at,— Red Party's, — 2017's, 39 House-elected MPs?


Baha10 4 weeks ago

The despicable “Red” post Hurricane response may be forgotten by the handful of folk in Ragged Island … and even the few remaining in East Grand Bahama … BUT NEVER EVER the proud and industrious independent thinking people in Abaco!


TalRussell 4 weeks ago

Surprisingly, even the political machines, numerous agents who were well position across Abaco's islands, cays, towns, and settlements — On election day, were finding it difficult getting a credible read on which way, Abaco's two House seats would swing, — Proving yet again, that, — Abacoians, IS more about — Doin,' not idle talkin. — Yes?


tribanon 4 weeks ago

Kwasi needs to support Pintard taking the opposition leadership roll away from Minnis before the new parliament begins.


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