Distress in South China Sea region

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Nancy Pelosi, America’s Speaker of the house has visited Taiwan, to Communist China’s chagrin. Threats of possible Chinese action against the USA have been made. Why the loud kerfuffle? Well, don’t you know that Communist China has claimed Taiwan as its own? It’s land mass and people that is. Seems that the anti-Imperialist Communist China of the past, is on paper an empire unto itself. Having the Speaker of the House visit, is much like having The President visit and proclaim to the world what the world already knows, that Taiwan is a free and independent nation.

China has claimed over 1.3 million square miles of the South China Sea, while Vietnam, The Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Taiwan has set their own claims upon this territory. China seems to throw its claims against the wall of global international intrigue with the hope that something will stick. To further China’s claims, its corporations have begun illegal drilling off the coast of The Philippines, building artificial islands that can be fortified by their navy and laying claim to much of South Asia’s Territorial Waters and fishing grounds. China knows their adversaries fear igniting a war with Red China, so off they go on their merry way establishing para military installations, economic docking systems and unapproved international railway systems throughout Asia. Many Chinese military drills have been carried out - it would seem - to bully their neighbours, and threaten other super powers in the region. President Xi has made his intentions clear for all to see, that a unified China must and will be achieved in time.

To bring fear into the hearts of its neighbours, China has shot ballistic missiles into the Ocean as “practice” volleys, and their navy has often placed their ships within their neighbour’s waterways illegally, knowing they can get away with it. All this bravado is for the “resource Center” region found under the South China Sea. Trillions of dollars of gas, oil, minerals and migrating fish populations waiting to be exploited.

The tension being experienced globally has set one third of the globe’s shipping industry into a state of inaction, floating on egg shells for fear of the arrival of a Chinese warship. Taiwan has set a standard in Asia, a standard of walking their own walk, and talking their own talk, quietly observing Chinese efforts to destabilise them, while carrying out business as usual. Most nations within this region respect China’s claims of “One Nation-One China”. Any official recognition of Taiwan by a western nation is diplomatically taboo, and threats of dire consequence are hurled about by China at any nation that gives Taiwan equality and significance globally.



Ontario, Canada.

August 2, 2022.


tribanon 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Communist China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seem unaware that most U.S. citizens have woken up to the treasonous betrayal of their country by the likes of Larry Fink, Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Sundar Pichai, Steve Forbes, Mitch McConnell, Warren Buffet, etc., etc., etc.

We would like to think that even the CCP knows that too much poking of a sleeping fire breathing giant dragon is not without grave consequences. Periodic surveys conducted throughout the U.S. - Soviet cold war era consistently revealed most Americans greatly preferred nuclear annihilation of all of mankind over being subjected to the tyranny of an authoritarian communist or socialist regime. And most U.S. citizens today (even the youngest and most 'woke' among them) still hold the same view today.

The CCP should never under-estimate the extent to which the addage 'give me freedom or give me death' is still very much embedded in the pysche of nearly all freedom loving Americans.

Communist China and the CCP had better soon start seriously re-evaluating their imperialistic missteps or risk having their 5,000-year civilization wiped out. For most Americans, somethings are simply worth dying for.


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