Woman given probation for police officer attack


Tribune Court Reporter


A WOMAN was placed on three months’ probation yesterday after admitting assaulting a female police officer.

Arial Pinder, 20, appeared before Magistrate Shaka Serville on a charge of assaulting the officer.

On July 27 in New Providence, Pinder is said to have assaulted W/SGT  Roberts-Conliffe while she was executing her duties. In court Pinder pleaded guilty to the charge.

Prosecutor Sergeant Deon Barr said Pinder has no known criminal history.

The defendant then told the court that she is an employed full-time architecture student at the University of The Bahamas with a minor in business administration. Pinder went on to say that she is also a young entrepreneur and youth parliamentarian who is very active in her community.

After hearing this, the magistrate remarked that the defendant had quite the resume.

When Magistrate Serville asked if Ms Pinder regrets her actions she said yes, further saying that she isn’t proud of her actions and that she doesn’t intend to repeat her mistakes.

For this, the magistrate gave the defendant credit for her clean record up to this point and once again commended her resume.

In view of these things, the magistrate granted Pinder a conditional discharge for which she will be placed under probation for three months. During this time, she is expected to continue her community service. Should Pinder successfully comply with these conditions she will be granted an absolute discharge in her next court appearance.

However, failure to comply will result in a $500 fine and Pinder’s conviction being recorded.

The defendant is expected to return to court for mention on November 25. 

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