Citizenship - who has right?

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Citizenship - who has the right to it?

Today the issue sits totally in the hands of the UK-based Privy Council. The Government, the Minnis Government appealed the judgement of the Appeals Court, Justice Winder, now Chief Justice Winder a case led by the now Minister of National Security, Wayne Munroe, QC.

Until the Privy Council announces its judgement the huff-puff opinionating is all affecting the climate seeing we are so indulged in that -basically a waste of time.

Reading the Judgement of Justice Winder which rejected the previous judgement of Justice Hall hinged totally on a short word - parents.

I suggest the format of the Constitution erred in the drafting of The Constitution as they created a bone fide issue of discrimination against the ‘male-Bahamian’. How can a child born to a Bahamian woman always be a citizen and a child fathered by a Bahamian male not?

Patience, ladies and gentlemen, for the Privy Council - when they issue their judgement that’s it - the Law if it does not comply will have to be amended.

The AG Pinder is running ahead I suggest of the judgement, but he would be well advised to stay a little quieter as comment just stirs useless comment and huffing and puffing which gets no one anywhere.

Are the word parents more powerful than the Constitution’s right of no discrimination -isn’t that the question?



August 19, 2022.


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