Valley Boys excited for Bay Street return


The Valley Boys on Bay Street at the 2019 Junkanoo Boxing Day parade.



THE Valley Boys have not come to play this Junkanoo season, with one official declaring, “when you are a Valley Boy you represent greatness.”

John Williams, frontline chairman of the group, spoke to The Tribune on Friday about his excitement for the return of the Boxing Day and New Year’s Day Junkanoo parades.

After more than a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Junkanoo parades were set on a pause, while many Junkanoo lovers and members anxiously waited for the parades to return.

“I'm elated, I'm everything there is to be positive to return to Bay Street,” Mr Williams said. “I could not wait, I was so sad when we couldn't and now we're back and better than before.”

Asked if the Valley Boys were concerned about the other competing groups, Mr Williams said he was not concerned.

“When you're competing, you can’t worry about your competitors. Your worry should be about yourself and your team. So, if you put yourself first, if you practice and you know your craft then you won't have to worry about your competitors.”

Mr Williams described the excitement to be back on Bay Street as “through the roof”, adding that members were ready to give the public a good show and make up for lost time.

Asked how many people were expected to rush this year for the Valley Boys, Mr Williams responded; “I would say realistically 300 to maybe 350 for each parade.”

He explained numbers have increased for participants in the Junkanoo parades this year. Mr Williams said people are ready to go back to the “good-feeling” music of Junkanoo.

“It's actually increased because of the desire to rush and the fact that people missed it. It brought people out. People who were resting and relaxing and it made them feel like, 'okay I'm really missing this now and I have to get back to it'.”

He added: “And then, of course, our existing members were ready for it. And then we have new persons to Junkanoo who are always interested and now feel as though they have the chance to do it.”

Mr Williams said the Valley Boys will have on display for Boxing Day an “aquatic” theme. As for the New Year's Day parade he described the theme as “You’ll take a trip.”

He added people can anticipate beautiful costumes, vibrant colours, and beautiful displays.

“Lots of energetic music and relatable music,” he said. “You know a lot of groups tend to bring a theme and their music is not even related to it. All of our music is going to be related to both of our themes.”

Mr Williams added: “So you can look forward to saying it's been two years and Junkanoo is back like you feel proud to watch it, to listen to it, and to perform to it.”


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