Robbers pose as police



TWO men heading to the airport were robbed by armed men posing as police officers on Saturday.

The incident, one of several robberies recently reported, prompted the Royal Bahamas Police Force to urge people to be careful this holiday season of people in vehicles posing as police cars.

Around 6.10am on Saturday, two men heading to the airport were stopped on the road by a grey vehicle, with blue and white flashing lights, police said.

Two armed men dressed like police officers got out of the grey vehicle with flashlights and shotguns and subsequently robbed the other men of their cellphones, suitcase and wallet containing cash.

Police reported that the suspects fled the area south along Gladstone Road, in the grey vehicle.

Police also said two robberies took place on Friday.

In the first incident, a man was driving his 2006 gold Toyota Passo, L/P AR1278, on Grosvenor Court off Gleniston Subdivision Road around 3.26am, when he was approached by two other men who robbed him of his vehicle, said police.

Then in a second incident at 2.50 pm on that same day, a man and woman on Moth Street in the Foxdale Subdivision were approached by two armed men who robbed them of their Burgundy coloured Nissan Cube and a large quantity of cash, said police.

The suspects both fled the scene in an unknown direction. One of the suspects allegedly had a high-powered weapon while the other had a handgun, police said.

Following these incidents police are urging members of the public to contact the RBPF or drive to the nearest station if they feel unsafe on the road.

“Additionally, members of the public are urged to be extremely vigilant as the holiday season approaches. We wish to remind the public that police lights are red and blue, and that all police vehicles are outfitted with sirens. If you are uncertain that the vehicle requesting you to stop is not a police vehicle, please dial 911/919 and drive to the nearest police station,” police said.

“Police are investigating and wish to inform members of the public that altering the lights, or changing the colour of the lights on your motor vehicle is an offence, punishable by law. Persons, found in breach, will be reported and subsequently fined,” police said.


AnObserver 3 months, 3 weeks ago

I would urge the police to do their jobs, and get crime under control.


mandela 3 months, 3 weeks ago

So now citizens have a reason not to stop for flashing lights and persons dress like the police.


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