Knife killer ‘knew wife of victim’


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THE sister of a man who was fatally stabbed at a home in Pinewood Gardens on Wednesday night believes he was killed by someone his wife knew.

Eric Pyfrom, 28, was identified by relatives as the country’s latest homicide victim. According to police the incident occurred before 8pm.

“Preliminary reports revealed that the victim was at a residence on Thatch Palm Avenue, Pinewood Gardens when he was attacked and subsequently stabbed. He was transported to hospital via EMS personnel, where he later succumbed to his injuries,” police said.

 Police are questioning a 20-year-old male of Cambridge Lane and a 40-year-old female of Thatch Palm Avenue in connection with the homicide.

 The victim’s sister Sheriel Johnson said she was at home when she got the news from her siblings about what happened to her brother.

 She said the victim was at his wife’s home when the argument took place.  She suspects that a man known to her brother’s wife attacked him.

 “They were saying that Eric got stabbed in Pinewood and so knowing where he stayed with his wife, I made my way that way and that’s when I saw the crime scene. From there, they took him to the hospital and pronounced him dead,” she recalled.

 She said relatives are trying to piece together what happened on Wednesday night, but they believe a man came to the home in Pinewood, an argument followed between him and her brother. It ended with her brother being fatally stabbed.

 She said the victim mainly worked on construction sites, but he had dreams of playing basketball.

 “He really wanted to play basketball, because he was just signed off to go off to school to play basketball, but I guess it never picked up off the ground. So he was just working on these construction sites until things got cleared for him.”

 She described the deceased as a “quiet”, “humble” person who did not bother anybody.

 The siblings shared a sweet moment before his death when she spoke to him about a photo of the two together.

 “I just spoke to him two o’clock that day. That was my last conversation I had with him because he had a car and I was parked in the back of him. I said ‘Hey, Eric you know I just pieced together a photo of me and you.’”

 Police are actively investigating this incident and appealing to members of the public, who may have some information of this incident or any other incident, to contact them at 911, 919 or  Crime Stoppers at 328-TIPS (8477).


Sickened 3 months, 3 weeks ago

I'm so confused. The dead guy was 28 and married to a 40 year old woman and he was supposed to be going off to school to play basketball?


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