Underground abortion industry

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Bahamian evangelical Christians must play close attention to the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) impending policy announcement on abortion.

According to The Nassau Guardian, Health Minister Dr Michael Darville stated that this is a matter that the Davis administration intends to confront. Darville’s reluctance to publicly state which side of the fence he is on regarding abortion on demand underscores the sensitivity of the subject in the Roe vs Wade case. Maybe his reticence is due to his profession as a medical practitioner, although there are prominent physicians who have publicly declared their opposition to abortion on demand.

For example, the Americans Dr C Everett Koop, Dr Ben Carson and Dr James Dobson of Focus on the Family. Koop and Francis Schaeffer wrote a polemic, “Whatever Happened to the Human Race?” which was an evangelical response to the US Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v Wade ruling. The Roe v Wade ruling declared that the US Constitution gave women the freedom to abort their unborn babies without restrictions from the federal government.

Between 1973 and January 2021, there has been an estimated 62 million abortions in the US - over ten times the number of Jewish Holocaust victims murdered by the German Nazis.

The United Nations (UN) is headquartered in New York. I suspect that the PLP government is facing mounting pressure from the UN’s Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) to emulate Roe v Wade. The matter of abortion cases emanating from incest and rape is a thorny issue.

Both forms of sexual violence can scar the victim emotionally and psychologically. Ministries such as the US-based Focus on the Family and Jeff Durbin’s Apologia Church in Arizona have extraordinary outreach ministries for women with unwanted pregnancies. Foster homes are sought for the babies of rape and incest victims. This is a far better alternative than ending the life of the unborn baby.

I believe Bahamian ministries with deep pockets and influential parishioners should emulate the ongoing work of Focus on the Family and Apologia Church. The call by the CEDAW for the Bahamian government to “decriminalise abortions in all cases” is really a call for abortion on demand, which is already an unspoken rule in this jurisdiction.

Abortion procedures, such as medical abortion, vacuum aspiration, dilation and evacuation and labour induction are routinely carried out in the lucrative Bahamian underground abortion industry. Young Bahamian women, some who are adolescents, are given abortion medications such as misoprostal and mifepristone. These young people are engaging in unprotected recreational sex with multiple partners. A pregnancy, in many instances, is unwanted, especially if the suitor is an undesirable.

Hence, a thriving underground Roe v Wade industry. One of the dire side effects of abortion is heavy virginal bleeding. Another is infection in the uterus. The dilation and evacuation procedure can also cause significant injury to the uterus. Many of those seeking to terminate the life of the unborn baby usually do so within the first trimester, which is from conception to 12 weeks. Under the guise of reproductive healthcare for women, pro-choice advocates such as the CEDAW and Planned Parenthood usually seek to downplay the significance of the side effects, injuries and emotional trauma abortion causes.

Bahamian women who have terminated the lives of their unborn babies are guilt-ridden, knowing that what they have done is murder, according to the Sixth Commandment in Exodus 20. The UN and its CEDAW are walking contradictions. While the UN has no qualms ending the lives of innocent unborn babies, it opposes capital punishment for convicted murderers and rapists. In an address to the seventh World Congress against the Death Penalty in February 2019, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said that “the death penalty has no place in the twenty-first century”.

The Old Testament prophet Jeremiah was told by Yahweh that he was sanctified and called to be a prophet in the womb of his mother (Jeremiah 1:5). In Galatians 1:15, the apostle Paul said that Yahweh had set him apart from his mother’s womb. Obviously God views the fetus, from moment of conception, as a human being created in His image. Whatever legislation the PLP enacts, Bahamian lawmakers must bear in mind that there will be eternal ramifications. I can assure Parliamentarians that the Nuremberg excuse will never fly before God’s tribunal.

The state hasn’t carried out an execution in over 22 years, yet it might regulate the Roe v Wade industry. Something has to be wrong with this. Bahamian evangelical Christians must continue to submit to the civil authority, which today is the Davis administration. However, any law that subverts biblical law must be respectfully rejected unanimously by the church. The PLP should instead focus its attention on ending the underground abortion industry.


Freeport, Grand Bahama

February 16, 2022.


bahamianson 1 year, 7 months ago

Underground? You mean like the underground jumbers people that everyone knew about from police offercers to news repkrters? Where are.you living, timbucktoo?


ForeverDreamer 1 year, 7 months ago

I fully disagree with Kevin Evans in his article, and would note he should leave the women's bodies alone, and if he was/is a woman, should leave other people's bodies alone.

But to the point of injuries and emotional trauma, Kevin Evans cites no evidence for his local assessment of women being distraught and regretful. While there is a evidence of emotional fall out and there are risks with any surgical procedure in that region for damage to reproductive organs and other complications, there is public knowledge and information available for informed decisions of these individuals.

If you and/or your partner who can conceive don't want an abortion, then don't get one? If we are so pro life, should we take away parent's right to decide medical care for kids that could reduce life expectancy or should we have government mandated child care standards? It seems the right to life and so called protection of innocent lives, starts and ends with the time in women's bodies. Which is where I fully believe their moral objections are superseded by body autonomy. I could actually stomach anti abortion laws if the laws provided health care, childcare, and also punishments or garnished wages to fund childcare of confirmed genetic parents failing in their duties. It still infringes on person's bodies, but at least it would actually be addressing the myriad of social problems, rather than restricting women and so called Christians get to claim moral victory while helping no one.

Maybe men should have temporary vasectomies by law at age 18 as the solution to the abortion issue. It would probably reduce a significant percentage of the so called murder of children. But, that would be affecting male body autonomy, which if you read these articles and comments by mostly men and some women, male body autonomy seems to be on a higher level of respect than female body autonomy.


sheeprunner12 1 year, 7 months ago

You stay right here trying to create faux equality between male and female. ........ Read your Bible, you infidel


ForeverDreamer 1 year, 7 months ago

I have no issue doing what you accuse me of, but I would call it reasonable equality due to inherent differences, not "faux". But otherwise, I am happy you recognize the intent.


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