GLENYS LETS RIP AT LLOYD: Accuses former minister of leaving schools in crisis and ignoring pupils’ plight

EDUCATION Minister Glenys Hanna Martin speaking yesterday.

EDUCATION Minister Glenys Hanna Martin speaking yesterday.

Glenys Hanna Martin


Tribune Senior Reporter


EDUCATION Minister Glenys Hanna Martin yesterday blasted her predecessor, Jeffrey Lloyd, saying he opposed the resumption of face-to-face teaching and left behind “a crisis and debacle” in public education.



Her comment came after Mr Lloyd, during a Free National Movement press conference on COVID-19, criticised the government for postponing its plan to resume learning with a hybrid model amid soaring COVID-19 cases.

“It is with utter disbelief that I listen to the comments of the former Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd at today’s press conference,” Mrs Hanna Martin said in a video recording. “I will say at the outset that I have endeavoured to resist commentary on the lacklustre performance of the former minister. However, he has re-emerged into the spotlight and as a result I am compelled to respond.

 “He must be aware that by now I know the facts. The former minister must remember that as he advocates for children to resume face-to-face learning when the Ministry of Health and Wellness advises otherwise, during his term in office he made the decision to keep public school children in a fully virtual mode when there was no such public health prohibition and at that time all other schools in the country went into a hybrid model which he is now advocating for.

 “He also knows that no other active steps were taken or focus brought to bear to track down or help the thousands of children who were plummeting through the cracks because they have never attended school in almost two years. In fact, he has hardly, if ever, spoken of those children. Further, the inaction of school repairs nationwide was a level of political delinquency that was perhaps unprecedented. The former minister knows full well he left behind a crisis and a debacle and he should instead be heard to say that he will join hands with all stakeholders to ensure that children are given every opportunity possible to develop their potential. This is the time for heroes not hypocrites,” the Englerston MP said.

 Earlier yesterday, Mr Lloyd said the continued absence of students from classrooms will be detrimental to the advancement of Bahamian students.


Former Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd.

 He said: “In December, 2020, after extensive consultations with stakeholders, the MOE released a 95-page document entitled the Strategic Plan for The Safe Reopening of schools. The plan did not only cover the present COVID situation, but included all circumstances where school attendance may be disrupted, such as with a hurricane or other natural disaster. It was the calculated decision of the Ministry of Education that the education of Bahamian students could continue in almost all circumstances under one of three modalities.”

 He said there are some schools on various islands that can facilitate in-person learning.

 “The FNM, therefore, urges the government to revisit its decision, and permit those public and private schools who can demonstrate the capacity for strict adherence to the health protocols to operate. Bahamian students cannot afford to miss another day of essential school instructions. Too many have suffered already,” he said.

 “Before the FNM demitted office in September, 2021, Cabinet approved the appointment of some 150 all-purpose workers to assist with the COVID compliance on school campuses. This was intended to relieve administrators and teachers of the burdensome task of extra vigilance in dealing with COVID, while placing it in the hands of duly qualified and suitably trained COVID invigilators. Where are those invigilators now? They can be a vital ingredient in the safe conduct of the operation of schools.”

 Last August, the Ministry of Education announced public schools would open with a completely virtual format to begin the 2021/2022 academic year. Mr Lloyd was Minister of Education at the time.

 The ministry also advised private institutions to adopt the virtual learning model and warned that any school wishing to open with face-to-face learning would first have to seek permission from the Ministry of Education.

 “As the 2021/2022 academic year approaches, the Ministry of Education would like to inform the public that all government schools will open in a virtual learning format on August 30, 2021,” the ministry said in a statement at the time.

 “While the preferred mode of instructional delivery continues to be face-to-face, the ministry remains guided by the mantra of ‘safety first, education always’.”


ohdrap4 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Lloyd believes in ressurrection.

But the North Remembers. The South too.

He stood quiet when much pain was inflicted on people.

His recent appearance with Wells and Sands left a bad taste in people's mouth, spare those who have symptoms of Covid.

I feel sorry for this minister who has to deal witha workforce of covid karens.


ThisIsOurs 5 months, 3 weeks ago

So do the East and the West North West


OMG 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Dear Ms Hanna, Education has been in a mess for years under both PLP and FNM.. In 40 years of teaching I have seen incompetent Directors, fleeting visits to the family islands using rental cars, paid for lunches and absolutely no results except words and speeches. As for regular supplies especially on the family islands what a joke. Year after year chemistry departments have (maybe) 20 year old equipment and chemicals, woodwork departments sporadic wood supplies, cheap Indian woodwork tools that break within weeks, Cuban teachers who can barely speak English, are here for what they can buy and take back, even teaching subjects that they are not trained for. Hiring expat / Cuban teachers when you have retired skilled local teachers willing to work but ignored in favor of Cuban teachers. Skilled , qualified, experienced Bahamian teachers who will never become principals because they don't talk the talk or have no high up connections. Advertsing promotional positions when we all know existing employees are already in line for these positions. As for Principals, there are some very good ones but also Principals in those positions who are arrogant ,have no people or organisational skills. As for virtual learning, pray what planet are you on ? On family islands in particular so many students don't have internet, don't have desktop ot laptop computers ,don't have a regular electricity supply and finally are unwilling to work even when in a class with a teacher..


whogothere 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Kettle calling the pot black... Just open the schools, stop punishing children...with this foolishness. Omicron is just a cold. It's over. Move on.


M0J0 5 months, 3 weeks ago

lol I must agree the kids have been suffering for too long now. If this goes for another year cheaper we close all schools and send all teachers packing because it is not making any sense at all. Children home and parents still have to work.


immigrant 5 months, 3 weeks ago

At least we won't have to worry about the brain drain with this generation of school children. They are going to be so unprepared for ANYTHING, no other country will take them. It is very sad that these children are being completely left behind. Start with deconstructing the union. Those teachers are so happy sitting on their backsides with no accountability...


DWW 5 months, 3 weeks ago

one size fits all approach is not good for all. prvate schools could afford weekly or bi-monthly testig. pubic schools could open in the family islands due to very small class size


carltonr61 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Child safety first means in school learning. Under Minnisitis the mantra was kids hat to be vaccinated first with experimental mRNA that is more of a health risk to their hearts than the covid. Adults are on four vaccinations, one each five months with no end in sight and still catching Omicron. Jeff's acceptance of silence under Minnis was mind blowing.


tribanon 5 months, 3 weeks ago

OMG !!!

Dear Editor of The Tribune,

In future, please don't subject me first thing in the morning to a face like the one shown in the above photo.

Thank you.



Bobsyeruncle 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Haha, I had exactly the same reaction


zemilou 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Unfortunately, our country and, especially, those elected to lead us are caught in a unconstructive -- even destructive -- cycle of more of the same and, in this case, the most vulnerable among us are suffering because of it: our children. Each administration points fingers at the former for ongoing societal dislocations and refuses to accept its role in the problem. Their playbooks contain similar similar strategies with only the glossy cover being replaced in an attempt to hoodwink people into believing something new is being offered. For education, as with other policies, there's arrogance, ineptitude, inertia, an absence of innovation, a moribund bureaucracy that muzzles people who have constructive ideas for creating more relevant and effective learning environments, and, for too many in positions of power, a lack of concern for the welfare of our young people.

In the end, how long can a country whose prosperity is built on unsustainable foundations survive? What happens when those foundations are so weak that, come the next global recession, society as we know it unravels?

OMG above rightly points out some of the inadequacies in education. While it feels like a cliché, the children are the future of the country. Given the historically dismal state of education -- now compounded by the pandemic -- what is their future? What is the future of our country?

A related note: Would the Bahamian system of education be of much higher quality if politicians, the well-heeled, and parents who sacrifice material possessions to pay private school fees had to send their children to public schools? What would happen if teachers were paid more and better respected for the invaluable role they played in shaping our nation's future? What would happen if parents cared enough and "went on strike," refusing to send their children to schools that weren't properly equipped learning environments -- communities where every child was provided with the opportunity to thrive and be successful? What would happen if all of us cared enough, even those of us who have no "skin in the game" (e.g., no school-aged or no kids, the upper middle class)?


Proguing 5 months, 3 weeks ago

True when the FNM gets back in power they will say with a straight face how shocked they are at the dilapidated state of our education system...as if was their first time in government


TalRussell 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Did education's Comrade Sister, just cleaned it all out with her, lets one rip, against Jeffery Lloyd and everything frustration de sister stored up like this and that was so powerful a release, it burnt de sister's hair white?
Must tune-in now to De Guardian's Talkie Philosophy in Studio Practice, Comrade Juan, to catch see his reaction to de Sister remarks that runs contrary his high opinion of his most worshipped red ministerial Hero, ― Yes?


newcitizen 5 months, 3 weeks ago

If it's in such sh*t order (and it is) then get to work fixing it. Spending all your time complaining about how your predecessor is the problem does nothing to actually solve the problem


Proguing 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Go tell that to Sleepy Joe...that's all he has done since taking power


hrysippus 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Glenys nartinhanna , ...... ..in her best ministerial manner..............Guided perhaps by her English mother... .... ..... ... has tried to cleverly blame another......................For the failings of her Ministry to best protect the youth.................. ... .... Albion's perfidy is famed to be uncouth................. ... .. .... And Glenys hahHah Martin to become e a stranger to the truth...


Future 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Keep us dumb/keep us stoopid…..easy to mentally manipulate and control. SAME PLAN WORLDWIDE.


BONEFISH 5 months, 3 weeks ago

The problems with the education system in the Bahamas precedes Minister Lloyd. These problems have festered for over three decades. Inept and incompetent bureaucrats coupled with corruption have paid a major part in this mess. Added to that, a society and people who don't value education of any sort.


SP 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Commandant Lloyd resurfaces and immediately says something asinine! Please STFU Jeff.


licks2 5 months, 3 weeks ago

his is exactly why the FNM was "handed they azz" at the last election. . .minister was out ta lunch at the DOE!! H-M gat him by the "short and curly" right now!! Mr. Lloyd, just lay lil low ma brudda. . .yoon making much sense!! You kept the most "lost" director of education. . .one who totally refused to "CONSULT" with anybody except his cronnies!! The director even refused to "talk" with any union. . .much less any staff "who een his fren". . .including any of his experts!! And the PM and MOE allowed this dumb nonsense to carry on!! And like Rodney said on Freedom March. . .the current MOE will get just what the duck got if she thinks thats she can "keep" the current lost and childish director and expect any different outcomes!!

Iffin this government refuse to "deal with this broken dawn" director for the next 5 years. . .all I can say is "NEXT"!!


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