Police probe drowning in Exuma

POLICE are investigating an apparent drowning on a beach in the settlement of Farmers Hill, Exuma.

Preliminary reports are that sometime after 2pm police were alerted to the incident and on the western section of the beach found a caucasian man on the shoreline being attended to by medical practitioners.

The man was later pronounced dead by a local doctor.

Initial investigations indicated the victim, who was a guest at a local lodging, had been a short distance off from the shoreline.

Another swimmer heard a distress call. A watercraft operator was alerted and immediately made his way to where the victim was. The male was pulled out of the water and taken ashore. He was unresponsive on arrival.

The local medical practitioners were summoned and rendered life saving medical assistance, however, to no avail.

The police are awaiting an autopsy report to confirm the exact cause of death. This matter remains under active investigation.


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