Scotiabank sharpens credit focus via new Sales Centre


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A SCOTIABANK (Bahamas) executive says its newly-launched Sales Centre will enable the lender to focus on “all things credit” and give greater attention to customers seeking loans.

Nakera Symonette, the bank’s director of business support, told Tribune Business that the launch of the dedicated Wulff Road and Jerome Avenue facility while bring greater efficiency to the lending process as borrowers will have direct access to credit specialists.

“This is transformational because there have been mortgage centres in the past from some of our competitors,” she added. “But today I do believe that we are the only bank with a sales centre that focuses specifically on having those conversations. So when you’re ready for your dream home, and you’re really thinking about where to go and how to manage those individual conversations, it’s the goal of this branch to eradicate customer anxiety.

“We believe that this will give customers an opportunity really to have that individualised attention for all of our home financing needs. So we have a number of branches remaining in The Bahamas that offer a range of products and services. We have cashless branches, we have cash branches and now we have a sales centre.

“Ultimately, what we’re really trying to do as we innovate the way we offer our products and services, is create markets within our own brand that caters to specific needs.” The sales centre will employ 18 workers.

The Wulff Road and Jerome Avenue property will undergo extensive renovations this November to facilitate the switch to a full sales centre. “There will be a lot more investments in digital, and a lot more investments in up-skilling our staff. We’re really putting a lot into making sure that our team members can continue to evolve and grow even through these trying periods we have been through between Dorian and COVID,” Ms Symonette added.

Marcus Moxey, senior manager of Scotiabank’s sales centre, added: “The branch renovations are going to be state-of-the-art. The unit is looking really good. Customers can expect when they come in to see a team of eight sales professionals focus on, and committed to, delivering consistent customer service - and high-end customer service. We’re going to be responsive, we’re going to be efficient and we’re going to be a very competent team.”


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