Lightning strike hits water supplies

WATER and Sewerage customers residing in central, southern and eastern New Providence may experience periods of reduced water pressure over the next 24 hours.

The water reduction is due to WSC’s Blue Hills desalination facility experiencing extended periods of substantially low water production volumes.

The issue persisted from Monday to yesterday.

During this period, strategic storage levels fell from 28.0 MIG on the morning of Tuesday, June 21, to less than 22.0 MIG into Wednesday, June 22, and continued on Thursday, June 23, due to lost production capacity.

The corporation said the failure was initiated by a lightning strike, and was compounded by a super power surge. This overwhelmed the extensive integration of lightning arrestors and other control/prevention systems.

In a press statement yesterday, WSC said while the facility does have full standby power, which was readily available, the communications and controls systems within the facility failed and extensive local and international resources had to be utilised to fully restore the systems which are required to operate the facility.

 The plant is now fully operational, but its operators are presently conducting an extensive review to prevent a recurrence, which could reduce production over an extended period, the water provider said.

 “Given the falling storage levels, and in the abundance of caution, WSC took steps at 6pm Thursday to reduce our water into supply to preserve, and to rebuild strategic storage levels and this reduction of water into supply may result in some customers experiencing periods of low pressures or no water over the next 24 hours,” WSC said yesterday.

 “Customers should note that normal supply pressures are expected to be restored at 6am on Friday, June 24, 2022. The corporation extends its apology to its valued customers for any inconvenience caused.

 “Customers should further note that due to the 2022 Hurricane Season, the corporation will also be taking steps over the next seven to 10 days to regain our strategic storage levels by ramping up production, and implementing limited water conservation measures, which should have minimum impact on customers.

 “But customers are being asked to exercise water conservation measures to the extent practical, and report signs of leaks and/or wastage to our Help Centre at 302-5599 or our Emergency Number 325-0505.”


tribanon 1 year, 5 months ago

No water and no electricity......meanwhile Davis, Mitchell and others like them are travelling the world, living the high life abroad at great cost to our nation's overburdened taxpayers.


bahamianson 1 year, 5 months ago

WTH? This article sounds like joe biden and the democrats blaming the war for high gas prices when he told oil companies to stop drlling for oil.


sheeprunner12 1 year, 5 months ago

Not a peep from the new WSC Chairman ...... Out to lunch


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