Patrick Paul emerges as the overall winner of road cycling nationals

PATRICK Paul, Dorian Roach and Sanchia Fitzmaurice were among the winners of the New Providence Cycling Association Road Championships at the Clifton Heritage Center over the weekend.

Paul emerged as the men’s overall winner, taking the tape in the 48.12-mile race in two hours and 11 minutes. He was followed by Kevin Daley in 2hr.11.01 and Dorian Rach in 2hr.11.13.

While Paul took the senior one category and Roach was crowned the senior II champion, Robert Butler came out as the masters champion.

Sanchia Fitzmaurice was the winner of the open women’s category and Eric Pritchard took the girls 15-17 years category.

• Here’s a look at the results posted in the various divisions:

Overall Male 48.12 miles - 1st Patrick Paul time 2 hrs.11 mins; 2nd Kevin Daley 2 hrs.11mins.01sec; 3rd Dorian Roach 2 hrs.11mins.13 sec; 4th Felix Neely 2 hrs.11mins.17sec; 5th Alex Berezhnoi 2hrs.11mins.55sec; 6th Lorenzo Carter 2hrs.13mins.23sec; 7th Jeff Tynes 2hrs.21mins.18sec.

Senior 1 - 1st Patrick Paul; 2nd Kevin Daley; 3rd Felix Neely; 4th Lorenzo Carter.

Senior 2 - 1st Dorian Roach; 2nd Alex Berezhnoi; 3rd Kevin Tynes.

Senior 3 - 40 miles - 1st place Barron Musgrove Jr 2 hrs.10mins.28 sec; 2nd D. Butler 2 hrs.10mins.29 sec

Masters 32 miles - 1st Robert Butler 1 hr.25mins.24 sec.

Open women - 24.06 miles - 1st Sanchia Fitzmaurice 1 hr.18mins.28 sec; 2nd Lynn Pritchard 1 hr.30mins.04sec; 3rd ILaria Gervasini.

Girls 15-17 yrs - 16.04 miles - Erin Pritchard 48mins. 37 sec; 2nd Anjale’ah Knowles 1 hr.00.56 sec; 3rd Adril Pratt 1 hr.02min.29sec; 4th. Sienna Culmer Mackey 1hr.18mins.34sec

Boys 15-17 yrs - 16 .04 miles - 1st Enea Gervasini 48 mins.38 sec.

Boys 12-14 yrs - 17.46 miles - 1st Malcolm Menzies 48 mins.50sec; 2nd Jaden Smith 59 mins.09sec; 3rd Callum Pritchard 59 mins.10sec; 4th Tristan Johnson 1hr.02mins.30sec; 5th Thomas Knowles 1hr.10mins.30sec 6th Nathaniel Adderley 1hr.11mins.36 sec; 7th Javon Oliver 1 hr.18mins.15sec; 8th Kristan Wright 1 hr.30mins.00.

Girls 12-14 yrs - 17.46 miles - 1st Taylor Knowles 1 hr.18mins.56 sec.

Boys 9 -11 - 11.64 miles - 1st Sibby Potter 38 mins.17 sec; 2nd.Lachlan Menzies 38mins.24sec; 3rd Fraser Menzies 44mins.09sec; 4th Lyall Menzies 46 mins.00; 5th Kenderick Cargill 51 mins.06 sec; 6th Anthony Knowles 51 mins.08sec; 7th Theddeus Knowles 51 mins.20sec.

The focus now switches to the Bahamas Cycling Federation’s 48th edition of the National Road Cycling Championships, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, July 2-3 at Clifton Heritage.

The national time trials are slated to take place on Saturday and the national road race is set to be held on Sunday.

Both events are expected to begin at 7am.


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