Man arrested after $10k marijuana discovery

A MAN was arrested in Grand Bahama after he was discovered with about $10,000 worth of marijuana.

On Friday, police said that shortly after 5pm, a team of officers from the Drug Enforcement Unit, acting on information, went to the intersection of Express Way and West Mall Drive.

While in the area, reports are that officers intercepted a champagne coloured Chevrolet Malibu vehicle driven by a man who officers informed of their suspicion.

A search of the man and vehicle followed and while searching the vehicle’s trunk, a red and black Jordan bag was found.

The officers examined the bag and discovered two clear plastic wrapped packages containing a quantity of what was suspected to be marijuana.

As a result, an adult male of South Bahamia was arrested and taken into police custody. The suspected marijuana weighed 10lbs with an estimated street value of $10,000. Investigations are continuing, police said.


temptedbythefruitofanother 1 month, 2 weeks ago

RBPF hard on the job! Busting these ganja demons before it all becomes legalised and their "Arrest" and "Enforcement" stats go into the toilet.

Incredible these clowns still harassing pot smokers in this day and age!


Topdude 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Congratulations to the RBPF. It is now medically established that marijuana smoking is exceptionally dangerous. I trust that the Government sees the scientific evidence and continues to keep this dangerous drug illegal. Just look at what it is doing to America.


JohnDoes 1 month, 1 week ago

Spoken like an apparent 'Old Geezer' that you are. Spewing misinformation with no supporting facts. Brainwashed by unsubstantiated propaganda from the past.


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