EDITORIAL: Showdown ahead for Minnis and Davis

SECONDS out, it’s time for the battle between former Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis and his successor, Philip “Brave” Davis.

Dr Minnis was not holding back in his criticism of comments by Mr Davis during his mid-year Budget speech. He was particularly frustrated by what Mr Davis had to say about a non-governmental organisation (NGO) involved in the food programme.

Mr Davis had said: “These NGOs were holding onto substantial amounts of cash. In one case, one had close to $2m sitting in their bank accounts. Why? These amounts have since been returned as we have demanded, but this fact, coupled with the extremely poor record-keeping which characterised all elements of this programme, leaves one to question what exactly was the true purpose of this programme.

“It clearly was not just to address food insecurity. Some NGOs have, in fact, failed to provide any real information.”

Dr Minnis was forthright in his response. He said: “It’s a stupid and irresponsible statement, an irresponsible statement to be made by any Prime Minister and I can’t wait to get in Parliament to buss his a and their a for talking stupidness.”

There was indeed a problem – it seems a quoting error was the cause of the problem – but as Dr Minnis said: “The monies were subsequently returned to government, but you know and I know that the hardest thing in the world to do is to return monies to government. Davis and his government need to be very careful when they are trying to impugn the reputation of the NGOs who have done so much for this country. He should not be playing political mischief when the integrity of the disbursement of the monies was preserved. Not one red cent was mismanaged by the NGOs.

“The Davis administration will force NGOs in the future not to become involved in doing the good work that they are doing with government and not to become involved in assisting government because of political mischief and the impugning of their reputation.”

In other words, don’t slander people’s name for no good reason if you want them to keep on offering to help. Why would an NGO continue to offer its support if the government is suggesting something inappropriate was going on?

So get ready to take your seats for the showdown in Parliament when Dr Minnis is threatening to have his say in return – very strongly.

We suspect this will be one worth watching.

Grand Lucayan

When the government pulled the plug on the Grand Lucayan deal in December, it talked of being “committed to doing a deal expeditiously” and selling “the property in the shortest possible time frame”.

The deal with Royal Caribbean had dragged on and on, and had looked increasingly likely for some time not to go ahead – but now the prospects of a deal are in the hands of the Davis administration, and it’s time to deliver on that promise.

Two “significant” offers are on the table for the government to consider after the request for proposals ended on March 2.

Mr Davis said yesterday he expects the Deputy Prime Minister to have processed those to present to him by early next week for consideration.

He says he anticipates a further statement at the Grand Bahama Business Outlook next week.

Understandably at this stage, he cannot say much until the offers are given closer scrutiny, but he’s suggested a quick process – and the proof will be in the pudding.

His government has suggested it will soon be off our hands – so not it’s up to him. We await with interest.


tribanon 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Davis never has to worry about Minnis. All Davis has to do is goosey Minnis's arrogance a bit and then let him go into bully mode and run his foul mouth. Everytime tyrannical Minnis opens his mouth reminds the Bahamian public why they gave the FNM party such a big time whooping at the polls last September. And lest we forget, no Bahamian in the history of our country has ever caused a greater loss of Bahamian lives than the very authoritarian, dictatorial and grossly incompetent Minnis. May all of the needlessly lost souls in the aftermath of Dorian and during the Wuhan virus pandemic rest in peace.


birdiestrachan 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Everybody has a story. The former PM was just downright stupid. His remarks were of violence. The Editorial page says he was forthright. That is their story.

My story is the man has lost his mind out of his mouth comes utter foolishness

If the heart is in the right place others will work so have no fear Why did The former Pm choose a person who had never walked with the common man I wondered about that.


birdiestrachan 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Stupid and irresponsible statement for any PM to make and then he goes on to talk about what he will do to them .

Impung record Mr: Minnis? What about Mr Frank Smith and Mr Shane Gibson's record. or in your view, they do not count. but hey do Mr Minnis they do count.


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