Man found guilty of stealing parts


A MAN was found guilty by a magistrate yesterday of stealing $1,800 worth of car parts from a woman's car and also causing $200 damage to the same vehicle.

Police Sergeant Phylciata Gibson testified before Senior Magistrate Samuel McKinney on the final day of 29-year-old Lavardo Sherman's trial on the charges.

It was alleged that between November 21 and 22, 2020 Sherman stole Gena Johnson’s 2011 white Nissan Note’s $1,800 front headlights from Geranium Avenue and Garden Hills No. 3. He is also alleged to have caused $200 worth of damage to the vehicle in the process.

During Sgt Gibson’s testimony in court, she recalled how on the day of the accused’s arrest she interviewed him and at around 4.59pm after he was informed of his right to legal counsel, Sherman told police that after stealing the headlights one of them broke in his attempt to flee the scene.

He also said that he had hidden the second headlight in the bushes in the area of Faith Avenue south.

After the interview, Sgt Gibson told the court how Sherman refused to give a written statement or sign the official Record of Interview (ROI). This ROI was then signed by Sgt Gibson and was later presented in court.

At 7.45pm the same day officers went to Faith Avenue in the company of the accused to search the area where he threw one of the headlights. However, despite a thorough search of the area the stolen item was not found.

Sgt Gibson ended her testimony by saying that after this search she officially charged the accused with what he was then facing in court. When Prosecutor Inspector Timothy Bain then moved to close the case, Sherman elected to remain silent in court rather than gather witnesses or speak to his defence for himself.

The magistrate found Sherman guilty of the offence and convicted him.

Magistrate McKinney then ruled that the accused pay a $500 fine for the offence as well as financially compensating Ms Johnson for the theft of her property.

Sherman is expected to pay $350 to the court by May 30, after which he is expected to pay $250 for the fine and financially compensate the complainant every two weeks. He is expected to do so until the balance of both debts are paid off.

The accused was also placed on 18 months probation. In that time if Sherman is convicted of any other crimes or fails to meet any payments, he will be sent to prison for six months.

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