Roads closed and rough seas - but New Providence spared

MOTORISTS navigate flooding and debris on West Bay Street yesterday. Photo: Austin Fernander

MOTORISTS navigate flooding and debris on West Bay Street yesterday. Photo: Austin Fernander

Flooding and sand in Saunders Beach area – Video from Storm Intercept Network.

Saunders Beach earlier on Wednesday


FLOODING in West Bay Street yesterday. Photos: Austin Fernander


WAVES crashing onto West Bay Street.


CREWS clearing debris on Collins Avenue. Photo: BIS

HEAVY flooding caused by Hurricane Nicole’s outer bands resulted in several roads in New Providence being closed yesterday.

Photos and videos showing large waves spilling over seawalls and into roadways on West Bay Street circulated on social media yesterday.

There were also reports of debris being washed ashore on the roads, making passage difficult for some motorists travelling in certain areas.

The situation prompted officials Wednesday morning to erect barriers and close several roads as a safety precaution, including Ferguson Road, West Bay Street along Saunders Beach and Arawak Cay to the Western Esplanade.

During a press briefing at the National Emergency Management Agency headquarters yesterday, Bahiyyah Hepburn, assistant civil works coordinator in the Ministry of Works, advised that the road closures will continue until the all clear has been given.

 “The West Bay Street closures, they continue,” she said last night.

 “Currently we have barriers up at Ferguson Road, Saunders Beach and also for the Go Slow Bend, Seaview Drive near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then also at Nesbitt, Sun Fun and then at Blake Road, Tropical Gardens and then Gambier.

 “Even though the water has receded, there is still debris within the road and it comes back with high tide so the barriers will stay up for the safety of the public until we have determined that the wave action has decreased to a degree that we can take care of properly.”

“If there are any other complaints that are signs of blockages, we do ask the members of the public to report it to the Ministry of Works’ WhatsApp hotline or you message us on the Ministry of Works Utilities Facebook page.”

 She also revealed that the ministry’s cleanup crews and damage assessment teams will continue their work throughout the weekend and further advised people to avoid coastal lines in areas where the roads are closed.

 Hurricane Nicole made landfall in Abaco as a tropical storm yesterday morning before moving to Grand Bahama where it strengthened to a category one hurricane.

 The weather system brought heavy rainfall and strong winds, affecting several islands in The Bahamas.


ThisIsOurs 1 year ago

Now we know what happens when we boarded up in our houses. Probably much worse and much farther during a real storm


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