$525,000 donation boosts university

A DONATION of $525,000 to the University of The Bahamas from Lyford Cay Foundations will help the work of the university, including increasing scholarship grants.

A DONATION of $525,000 to the University of The Bahamas from Lyford Cay Foundations will help the work of the university, including increasing scholarship grants.


Tribune Staff Reporter


LYFORD Cay Foundations donated $525,000 to the University of The Bahamas which will increase scholarship grants to the university, boost study abroad scholarships for students and enhance the college bridging programme.

Basil Goulandris, the foundations’ chair, highlighted that they have now invested some $10m in the institution to date and strengthened that commitment with a special grant in the amount of more than half a million dollars.

“Our grants to the College of The Bahamas and now University of The Bahamas have aimed to help people achieve their dreams and obtain skill sets most needed in our country. Our grants have enabled need-based scholarships with the aim of equalising opportunities for Bahamians,” he said at a press conference yesterday.

“For example, our Marilu Tolo scholarship award for young men and women of high academic achievement; the David A C Kelly Memorial award for small island sustainability majors; or the Ranfurly Home for Children award for current or past residents of the Ranfurly Home; or the Godfrey K Kelly award for Family Island students and many other similar awards for Family Island residents.

“Our partnership with this institution also now extends beyond traditional scholarship grants. This grant today includes provisions for study abroad scholarships for University of the Bahamas students, as well as awards for the college bridging programme. This programme provides incoming students with summer classes to prepare them for college. We’ve also extended the criteria to students in college prep classes, and part time studies.”

The university’s president, Dr Erik Rolland also mentioned the investment to the institution and their students nearing $10m.

He noted this is “quite frankly phenomenal” and a reflection of the value as well as importance the Lyford Cay Foundations and its donors place on access to quality education within the country in addition to beyond its shores.

Dr Rolland added: “We are deeply honoured at the longevity of this partnership and proud of the work that both of our organisations are committed to the development of the young Bahamians by providing these opportunities for higher education.”

For her part, the university’s board of trustees chairwoman Allyson Maynard Gibson also emphasised the importance of this partnership.

“I could name many more scholars we share in common from the thousands of Bahamians who have benefited from Lyford Cay Foundations scholarship funding in some form or fashion and a UB education,” she said.

“This is a partnership and shared vision of immense value. This is the work and the support that builds leaders, develops a country and transforms the world. Today, we’ve taken another step forward in this important work. We are truly honoured to be doing this work with you at the foundation and on our UB day of giving and giving Tuesday internationally.”

As a beneficiary of the important work of the Foundations and UB, Lyford Cay Foundations, executive director Dr Nicola Virgill-Rolle said she knows firsthand why moments like this matter.

She said: “I benefited generously from the Lyford Cay Foundations’ donors who helped students like me achieve our dreams. As an alumna of the College of the Bahamas, now University of the Bahamas, I also benefited from the outstanding education that this institution provides.

“This grant to the university is part of how we plan to advance educational opportunities in The Bahamas. We also operate an out of school tuition free college readiness programme called FOCUS, which again is part of a partnership with the University of The Bahamas as we host our sessions right here at the University of The Bahamas.”

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