Call for drivers to be careful after reported hit-and-run


Tribune Staff Reporter


AFTER an alleged hit-and-run accident on Bernard Road reportedly left a teenager injured, a local activist is calling on drivers to be mindful of pedestrians of all ages.

A viral Facebook post alleged that an 11th grader was struck by a speeding vehicle on Bernard Road recently. According to the post, the minor was shielding his younger sibling from being hurt and the driver did not stop to see what happened.

When contacted about the post, CSP Chrislyn Skippings said it was confirmed that an accident did occur on Bernard Road, but could not say the date or if the incident involved a minor. She told this newspaper that she was waiting for more information.

However, RISE Bahamas founder/president Terneille Burrows said her group has faith that the police have or will prioritise the investigation into this matter and would make the public aware of any developments.

“We consider the well-being of children throughout The Bahamas as though they are our own. To that extent we want to admonish the wayward driver to turn themselves in to the authorities, however unlikely it is,” she told The Tribune when contacted about the viral post.

“We want to ensure that (the) young (boy who was reportedly hit) and his little brother not only receive medical treatment but counselling, as they are certain to have experienced emotional and mental scarring from the incident.

“Drivers, please be mindful of pedestrians of all ages, but particularly of children and teenagers. It’s our duty to help keep them safe from harm. We would have hoped that such an incident might have been caught on CCTV so that there would be justice served in this case,” she said.

Attempts to reach relatives of the children reportedly involved in the incident were unsuccessful up to press time.


ThisIsOurs 2 months, 2 weeks ago

I was at a standstill a few minutes ago, no cars behind me, none, and this school kid who was standing on the side of the road just decided to walk in front of my car as I was pulling off. I was going 5mph. Pedestrians are not always guiltless, especially the school kids they take nonsensical pleasure in challenging a moving instrument of steel.


GodSpeed 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Many of the drivers bought their license.


Flyingfish 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Lol, a government that ask drivers to be careful on the roads is a government not serious about making it safer for pedestrians. You can't ask drivers, you have to force and encourage via design to get them to comply. Just like you have speed bumps, you need to use methods such as rumble strips, lane narrowing, level sidewalk crossings, traffic camera's, a functioning mail-in fine system, place trees near roadways and other protections to force drivers to pay attention.

Make it as hard as possible for pedestrians to get hit.


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