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EDITOR, The Tribune.

Here is a matter of great concern, I am one of the Bahamians who falls in the category of Bahamians who need a US Visa B1/B2 to visit the States, but felt I was wrongly treated in my reapplying for the visa, following numerous submitted applications through a JP Visa prepared my visa wasn't approved, but each time was told I may re-apply at a later date and I always waited over the suggested waiting time six months before re-applying.

I visited the States in November 2019 without any incidents and showing the US Authorities that I would return to my country of origins the Bahamas after a short visit to the States (I spent four days) in Miami, upon my arrival home a week later I was called into the US Visa office and was told my visa was cancelled, so my passport was taken briefly and cancelled stamped across the visa, and I was told I had given the wrong answers to some question, but of which I thought wasn't relevant anymore, so I re-applied again a few times more, with the same results, my visa is still not approved. I feel it was some other personal matters that were held against me and the visa section was merely amassing more and more information about me, which of some they already had in their computers from many years ago, and at the same time were, in my opinion, possibly working what I call a legal scam on me intentionally, taking sums of money from me, knowing they were not yet ready to approve my visa.

On one or two of my many interviews I overheard sarcastic remarks being made and referring to my personal and intimate life. Also following one of the interviews I was made to walk out in the rain to the pre-interview waiting shade/shed by the security officers. As it now stands, I am considering suing the US Visa section for them not approving my visa for their conduct and wrong treatment of myself, because it was appalling! Is it possible that not being gay might also have something to do with this strange and suspicious matter?



April, 2023.


Porcupine 5 months, 1 week ago

Haven't read the U.S. papers lately? Immigrants are looked upon as drug smugglers, rapists, robbers and scammers. Trump didn't call The Bahamas a shit-hole country directly, but we know what he meant, right? The Statue of Liberty refers to a long gone concept of acceptance and brotherly love. That no longer applies.


Maximilianotto 5 months, 1 week ago

Is this the whole story? Doubt it.


Bonefishpete 5 months, 1 week ago

Why is it Americans coming to the Bahamas need no Visa yet Bahamians going to the US do?


stillwaters 5 months, 1 week ago

Say he thought the issues no longer relevant.......well, apparently they did and caught you lying. S


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