Bahamas Humane Society ‘receives 10 to 15 daily complaints’ about animal cruelty

THE Bahamas Humane Society reportedly receives between 10 to 15 complaints daily about animal cruelty.

The organisation’s head says animal cruelty is out of control.

BHS President Kim Aranha said she was distressed over a social media video of a woman beating a kitten with a belt as people laughed in the background.

“There is no empathy and compassion for each other and God’s creatures,” she told The Tribune. “I am very sad for The Bahamas right now because I think it is a very dark period, and I don’t understand why people are so devoid of compassion and empathy. I think it is a national epidemic.”

Mrs Aranha said animal protection laws are not being adequately enforced.

“The kindness of animals does not seem to have a priority on anyone's plate in The Bahamas, and I find it distressing,” she said.

She said the Department of Agriculture appears overwhelmed with animal issues. She believes there should be separate sectors for dogs, cats, surrey horses, and pigs.

Mrs Aranha’s comments came after a viral TikTok video claimed pigs at Celebrity Eco Adventures, an excursion business in Grand Bahama, were being mistreated.

The Ministry of Tourism said it is investigating the matter.

“I see this as a perfect example of how people are thumbing their noses at the laws of the land because they know they won’t get punished,” Mrs Aranha said. “Whoever these people are, whether they are connected is absolutely irrelevant. There is a way you treat animals and a way you don’t.”


truetruebahamian 3 months ago

She is absolutely correct. The amount of our population which find it their proprietary right to abuse should never have been born. Abortion is still a necessary alternative to control of the unwanted and unlikely to have a family love to guide them . I cannot do it and most others will duck any responsibility.


bahamianson 3 months ago

The reality is, we live in an uncivilized society . It gets worse each year and the exam results follow. We are in trouble. It seems like we are heading down the same path as our southern neighbors. Our people are lazy, dishonest, greedy individuals. To hell with the neighbors is the mentality. Drink, kill steal screw over as many as you can seems to be the order of the day.


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