Dog chases off a 12-foot hammerhead shark

Dog chase shark – WARNING: Video contains swearing

A remarkable video circulating on social media shows a dog chasing off a 12-foot hammerhead shark.

The video, which was filmed on Wednesday at Stocking Island, Exuma, shows a tour party spotting the hammerhead shark as it swims through the area.

Moments later, as it swims near shore, a dog jumps down off a dock before seemingly falling into the water nearby, before seemingly chasing it away through the water.

Some witnesses seemed to suggest the dog was trying to bite the shark.

Both dog and shark seemed to separate to swim another day. The dog's owner reported their pet was uninjured and perfectly fine.

Rebecca Lightbourn, of Exuma Watersports, said that the dog was a frequent sighting during their tours and they often fed the dog treats.

She said: "The hammerhead we do see quite often - getting a clear shot like that not necessarily the case. And never usually that close to shore."

She said of the dog: "We feed him chicken hot dogs when we visit."

She confirmed the dog had reached safety back on shore, and other sources confirmed to The Tribune that the dog was "100% fine".

WARNING: Video contains swearing


bahamianson 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Dogs , don't try this at home. This video was done by a professional under a controlled environment.


GodSpeed 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Guess the Shark wasn't hungry.


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