Immigration problem needs continuous enforcement

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The headline in The Nassau Guardian dated 13/1/23 reads “Harbour Island’s Migration Woes” Bahamians, in particular residents of Harbour Island must be concerned for their security, safety, health and peace of mind after reading the contents of the article, the revelations of the Member of Parliament and Chief Councillor. The video describes a situation, that is unsafe, insecure and unhealthy for Harbour Islanders, residents and visitors.

The existing conditions amount to an invasion and occupation, that requires the immediate attention and response from our law enforcement agencies; Police, Immigration and Defence Force. The heads of these agencies must act promptly and effectively to rid the island of this vexing problem. An invasion and occupation by our forces to conduct a sweep of the entire island. Arrest and remove the invaders for incarceration and eventual prosecution and deportation. The operation could take several days. There will be the need for the large Defence Force boats to be involved to provide accommodation and meals for our personnel. We must provide an area for the detention of those persons arrested. Persons arrested must be thoroughly interrogated to acquire information about their arrival there and to receive information about human trafficking.

We very often read about the arrests of illegal immigrants and the capture of boats, but we do not read of the captains and crew of these boats being prosecuted and punished for their role in Human Trafficking. Investigations to expose persons involved here and in Haiti appears to be lacking. The laws of The Bahamas are being contravened. Law enforcement Officials do not have to await instructions from anyone. They can act immediately.

The Shanty Towns continue to exist due to politicians being involved in enforcement that should have been left to the law enforcement agencies. The Shanty Towns continue to exist and my sources confirm that more are being built in Abaco. There was action taken in the Supreme Court to stop the demolition of those illegal buildings in Abaco. I have not heard of any decision. It is necessary, that an issue of national importance as the Shanty Towns would have received prompt attention.

Our Immigration problems need enforcement, that is continuous. Bahamians must be concerned about the increase in the migrant population. It is a major security risk to have persons living in our country, who we know nothing about; no names, antecedents; no addresses.



January, 2023.


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