Mitchell’s comments ‘unacceptable’

EDITOR, The Tribune,

I am persuaded that the Hon Minister Frederick Audley Mitchell (PLP-Fox Hill) is one of the best National Chairman which that party has ever had, with the stark exceptions of the late Andrew ‘Dud’ Maynard and the irreplaceable Hon. Bradley Roberts. They were political giants and living legends in their hey day. Brother Mitchell has some big shoes to attempt to fill.

In my opinion, Mitchell has also been an exemplary Member of Parliament. Having said the above, however, in my opinion he was dead wrong to have made the public and very snide remarks which he publicly made against Lady Pindling the other day. Those remarks attributed to him, were disrespectful and inappropriate in the extreme.

It must never be forgotten, and unless and until Mitchell apologises for the heinous remarks that he, et al, publicly made against the late great and deeply lamented, Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, some years ago down under the former Fig Tree at Bank Lane and on multiple Florida-based radio stations. Dread Fred and his recently departed “side kick” Terrance Bethell even went so far as to allegedly burn copies of The Bahamas Constitution. They called Sir Lynden and the PLP everything in the books and even threw their kitchen sinks at them, willy-nilly.

Sir Lynden, I understand, was instrumental in many phases of the now Chairman’s career path. Add this to the fact that when the chairman was an FNM senator, Lady Pindling was right here with the PLP. 70 years is not a bad number, but Mitchell, if he is lucky, will emerge to an age where he would look half as good as our former First Lady in this life or the next one.

He talked above when to move off the stage. When did he judge himself to be eligible? Our beloved Prime Minister is good until 2026 then, possibly, the era of I. Chester Cooper.

Thank you, Lady Pindling, for a selfish and mature life of public service to the people of The Bahamas.

You never wavered or lost sight of the common cause. Frederick was dead wrong and should offer the full and appropriate apology or keep the half-hearted one to himself.



January 18, 2023


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