Baby boy aged three months dies at daycare



POLICE are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a three-month-old boy who was found unresponsive at a local daycare centre yesterday.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force said around 8am, the child’s mother left the infant at the daycare in southern New Providence. The centre’s director later made “routine checks” and found the baby lifeless.

EMS were called and the baby was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Police said that efforts to revive the infant were unsuccessful and he was declared dead.

 Police said while the baby had no visible signs of injury, an autopsy will be held to determine the exact cause of death.

 This comes a week after another three-month-old baby died, however that incident took place when the infant was in the care of a family friend. Police said the baby was taken to hospital unresponsive and had injuries to her face.

 A man was charged with manslaughter in connection with that case yesterday.

 Speaking on the sidelines of an event yesterday, Ann Marie Davis expressed condolences to the families on the tragic deaths of their infants recently.

 She suggested that the families be kept abreast of the investigations, so that they can better cope and eventually find closure.

 Mrs Davis said: “My heart goes to the family of the three-month-old. It is always the impact, the grief that follows and how long it will take to heal if at all.

 “(They need) information to comfort them more, to do an investigation to let them know what happened so they can begin the healing process.

 “I just don’t know what to say, it’s so sad, very sad. Let’s have some answers. I would like to see that happen as soon as possible, so we could start having closure and be able to cope with this situation.

“So my condolences to the families and friends of this young child that died,” Mrs Davis said.


mandela 2 months, 1 week ago

What kind of third-world stuff is this where mothers must return to work so shortly after having a baby? What kind of labor laws allows this? Doctors recommend mothers should spend no less than 6 months exclusively breastfeeding their babies so they should not be working during this time. A terrible and very sad unfortunate situation.


Flyingfish 2 months, 1 week ago

I'm pretty sure maternity leave is 6 months in the Bahamas. Maybe its because she has only been with her employment for under 1 year, which (don't quote me on the) I believe reduces the time allotted.

Perhaps, she just decided to return to work early which I agree is unwise. Condolences to the parents and family.


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