BTC mishaps?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I think that BTC has completely lost the plot now.

Over the last few days I have had several missed calls from a number. When I called back I got the message that it was BTC but we can’t take your call right now.

Yesterday morning at 7:40am I got another call from this number on my mobile phone, and the lady on the other end with a heavy Jamaican accent, was most chirpy and happy and wished me all the wonders of the world, but said she just wanted to tell me that my land line was on the disconnect list and urged me to come in and pay today.

I apologised and said I would have it paid today.

She then asked if I could tell her where (which BTC location) I would be paying at, which took me a bit aback but I said none, I will be paying online.

Oh ok, great she says and bid me a wonderful day.

I found it a bit strange at the time, however, as my wife usually pays these bills but I thought there might be a mistake. When I got to my office I went online to MY BTC and selected “Landline” and low and behold my balance was actually in credit by $-93.00 odd.

I thought no more about it until this morning when I came back home from an errand and my wife told me that our phone had been disconnected. Impossible I said. BTC owes us $93.00.

She asked me to call her cell number if I did not believe her. As I dialled the number I got a voice message saying that this line has been suspended due to an outstanding balance.

I then called the number that had been calling me all week and a Bahamian male voice answered and after exchanging pleasantries he enquired as to how I am. So I let him have it, starting with an answer to how I am, being not very well.

I told him the story and off he went after asking me to hold. Five minutes later he returned to apologise for their “mixup” and says that he has now reconnected my line.

Another incident that indicates that they are in a real muddle was my wife going into Cash ‘N Go and asking to pay her BTC balance for her cell phone.

The clerk says she owes $239.60 so she writes a cheque to pay it forgetting that we ported her number to Aliv last year and had cleared the BTC balance to do so.

Cash and Go were very co-operative when told of the mistake and recovered and returned my wife’s cheque yesterday and hopefully corrected their BTC misinformation.

Two hiccups in as many days indicates something has gone awry at the phone company accounts department.



January 21, 2023.


birdiestrachan 10 months, 1 week ago

Who remembers the man who said BTC was for sale and Bahamians need not apply he said they would mess it up if some one from a different country answers they own BTC and it is a great big mess


Bigrocks 10 months, 1 week ago

They are big into fiber. No techs, no service. 6 weeks now and cannot get a bad fiber hook up changed and corrected. URCA needs to investigate this mess and get off thier butts. Complaints, calls and emails are A WAISTE OF TIME with BTC. TOTALY UNORGANIZED. CEO should get canned and company sold off. It is a total mess


Porcupine 10 months, 1 week ago

BTC is an absolute failure and should be prosecuted for fraud. I have well more than 15 years of documented complaints. Always promising they will fix the problem, they have done nothing while one manager is replaced by another. BTC has utterly failed Andros. URCA is useless. The definition of fraud is quite clear. Our government could not care less, it seems. Bahamians have dropped the ball in allowing a foreign entity to buy and control a company our lifeline to business and the outside world. Those who arranged the sale of BTC, instead of hiring a competent manager for our #1 cash cow, should be in jail. The cost to The Bahamas of this failed business strategy is likely to cost us hundreds of millions of dollars. And, we have done nothing intelligent to fix this problem. Nothing!!!!


GodSpeed 10 months, 1 week ago

BTC has the worst customer service of any major company on this island. If you get some service from them you better hope nothing ever goes wrong with it. You'll be sitting for hours in their Mall location like you're in PMH.


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