Abuse of animals

EDITOR, The Tribune.

We have recently seen a large billboard from Rentokil advertising raccoon removal with an endearing picture of the animal.

When asked if the animals are relocated, the company representative replied, “They dead”.

This is an appalling abuse of Bahamian wildlife that could easily be humanely relocated. All animals should be treated with kindness and respect.



The Pinkpotcake animal rescue.


January 25, 2023.


rentokil-initial.com 1 month, 3 weeks ago

A Letter to the Editor published in yesterday’s Bahamas Tribune (January 25) erroneously stated that Rentokil Initial poisons and kills raccoons as part of our pest control service. We wish to clearly state that we do not harm raccoons. We do not poison or kill them. We offer a Catch and release service whereby the raccoons are caught without harm and re-located to a non Urban environment out West of the island. (The Eastern side of the island is currently where a population explosion appears to be happening.) Tins of Sardines are used as the bait and no poison of any kind is involved in the process. Our technicians are highly trained and equipped to carry out the job safely without any harm whatsoever to the raccoons. Our process has been reviewed and validated by the Bahamas Humane Society with whom we continue to work closely to carry out our services in an environmentally sustainable manner.


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