Trent Deveaux hopes to get back to minor league


Trent Deveaux. Photo - Fabian Whymns.


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WHILE he’s taking the time to recuperate from an elbow injury that sidelined him this year, outfielder Trent Deveaux said he’s glad to be taking on another important role as a “father to a newborn son” as he waits for his return to minor league baseball.

Deveaux, 23, played with the Inland Empire 66ers before he was released on June 7, 2022. He returned home and spent the past year helping out at various baseball leagues until the arrival of his son - Trent Deveaux II on September 9 at Doctors Hospital - with his girlfriend Helena Ferguson from Acklins.

“It’s something different,” said Deveaux of fatherhood. “I’m enjoying it because I see so much joy in my son when I’m around him.”

If all goes well, Deveaux hopes that he will be afforded another opportunity to continue his dream of becoming a Major League Baseball player. He was appreciative of the opportunity he got from the Los Angeles Angels organisation.

“I was doing quite well until I got the injury,” said Deveaux of playing with their affiliate Inland Empire 66ers. “So right now, I’m working out getting ready to return to the league. I have some plans in motion, but I don’t want to say anything about it until the deal is completed.

“Every time I would straighten up my arm, it would give me a lot of pain, so I was taking those painkillers and playing through it. You’re not going to be healthy all the time, so I just tried to bear with it.” Although he’s still staying in shape, waiting for the opening of spring training so that he can get back in the league, Deveaux said he was glad when he got the opportunity to assist the athletic department at St Augustine’s College in getting the ladies’ softball field completed.

“When I was at SAC, we didn’t have this kind of facility,” said Deveaux, who actually spent one year there in grade seven before he did the home schooling. “A lot of people don’t know it, but I was benched when I played on the Big Red Machine junior boys’ team.”

During his tenure at SAC, Deveaux said he remembered when they played on the senior boys’ softball field with the pool as the home run turf. So, to see where SAC has emerged to produce the beginning of their field of dreams brings a “lot of smiles” to his face.

Deveaux, however, said he is even more thrilled now that he is a father to his newly born son.

As a top 20 international prospect, Deveaux signed with Los Angeles on July 2, 2017. He moved around the organization playing with the AZL Angeles, Orem Owlz and ACL Angels before he completed his stint with the Inland Empire 66ers.


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