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'Make a deal' on temporary lay-off end before too late

Employers, trade unions and the Government are being urged to "make some kind of deal" to avoid the pitfalls and uncertainty that could occur when the temporary lay-off period finishes at month's end.

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'Major wrinkle': Sandals re-open to January 28

The deputy prime minister yesterday admitted the delayed re-opening by top hotels has thrown "a major wrinkle" into the Government's plans with Sandals' flagship property not returning until January 28.

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Tourism's 'competitive disadvantage': Rivals eliminate quarantines

Bahamian tourism is facing "a competitive disadvantage" because it will not "be so bold" as Caribbean rivals in eliminating COVID testing and quarantine requirements, a Cabinet minister said yesterday.

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Tourism 'dress rehearsal' key to avoiding disaster

The Bahamas must get its COVID-19 "dress rehearsal" right otherwise it will "sacrifice" next year's peak winter season and create a tourism "disaster", a top executive has warned.

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Aliv boosts data capacity by 35%

Aliv's top executive says it has increased the data capacity of its network by 35 percent compared to pre-COVID-19 levels to meet the increased demand for home learning and working.

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ActivTrades: Tech shares rally – Is it a massive bubble about to burst?

Given the economic fallout reeked by COVID-19, it is little surprise to see the macroeconomic figures of a large majority of countries falling sharply, while many companies have reduced their target profit for this year and for 2021. Yet despite all this, US indices just reached new all-time records, with the Nasdaq in particular showing the most dramatic rally.

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‘Frivolous’ lawsuits vex dive operator

A prominent Bahamian operator yesterday said the rise in “frivolous” personal injury lawsuits was reaching the point where “it’s not worth taking people diving any more”.

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Aliv chief: No ‘short term’ Huawei effect

Aliv’s top executive yesterday said it sees no “short term” impact from the US government placing Chinese equipment off-limits even though its mobile network is “all Huawei”.

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Downtown Nassau needs ‘deep clean’

A top tourism official yesterday said Downtown Nassau needs a “deep clean”, as she blasted: “Is this a place I want to show to tourists?”

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BAHA MAR SCRAPS OCTOBER OPENING: Resort tells workers goal to launch next month not feasible

The Government's tourism re-opening plans were yesterday dealt a major blow after Baha Mar told staff its October return was "not achievable" due to COVID-19 spikes here and in key US markets.

IAN FERGUSON: Bring teams together to fight COVID dysfunction

Our current circumstances, and disruption to the traditional workplace, have caused great upheaval in employee synergy for many companies. Some are working remotely, some are coming into the office or workplace, and everyone is fearful and suspicious about their colleagues' health. The social crisis that we face, along side the health and economic ones, has taken a toll on teamwork throughout the economy.

Bahamas First in 14.3% profit fall

Bahamas First yesterday unveiled a 14.3 percent decline in total comprehensive income for the six months to end-June 2020 as reduced claims partially offset COVID-19's impact.

Regulator dismisses Cable, BTC warnings

Regulators have dismissed warnings by The Bahamas’ two communications providers that the imposition of preventative wholesale broadband Internet measures will deter future investment.

Bahamas not a 'fly by night' borrower

The Ministry of Finance is taking the “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” approach to low-cost financing and other “no strings attached” offers, the deputy prime minister said yesterday.

Govt revenues 23% off due to lockdown

The deputy prime minister yesterday revealed August’s economic shutdown dropped government revenues 23 percent below projections as he warned the country “cannot afford” further lockdowns.