Sybil Vernice Seymour

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Funeral Service for Sybil Vernice Seymour, Age 87 years, of Arundal Street will be held on Saturday, October 26, 2013 at 10:00am.

Church: Rhodes Memorial Methodist Church (MCCA)
Address: #108 Montrose Avenue
Officiating: Bishop Reverend Derek C.O. Brown
Assisted by: Reverend Emily A. Demeritte and Reverend Dr. Carl Campbell
Interment: Old Trail Cemetery, Old Trail Road

She was preceded in death by her parents: Rhoda and Joseph Thompson; her husband: Chief Inspector Fred N. Seymour; twin brother: Ruben Thompson; and sons: Reginald, Warren, Mark and Raynor Seymour.

Cherishing her memories are her children: Godfrey, Dorothea Tucker, Ralph, Reverend Wayde Seymour, Attorney Keith Seymour Sr. and Superintendent Reverend E. Brian Seymour; grandchildren: Cedric, Levardo, Cpl. Ali (Demetria) Seymour, Greg (Shammine) Seymour, Fred, Ryan, Gerrard, Gaylin, Terrell, Jarell, Reverend Dr. Oscar Seymour, Wayde Jr., Mario, L. Rayangelo, Keith Jr., Kahamaran, Nicholas, Sean and Kyle; Wayderissa, Xenia (Jerrad) McKenzie, Kedra, Nadia and Tanisha; son-in-law: Basil Tucker; daughters-in-law: Patsy, Janet, Clarissa, Italia and Helen; nieces and nephews: Michael Thompson, Cheryl, Jewel and Andre Thompson; a host of other relatives and friends including: Chavez (Eldica) Thompson, Sherryce, Shaneka (Enero) Davis, Michael Thompson Jr., Shalyssa Thompson, Leoni Sweeting, Everette Sweeting Jr., Andrew Sweeting, Dario and Myra Lundy-Mortimer, Dr. Samantha Sweeting, Gloria and Yvette Barker, Aaron and Marion Seymour, Reverend Dr. Carl Campbell, Sister Annie Thompson, Vice President of the Industrial Tribunal Honorable Keith Thompson, Persis Adderley, Patsy, Shirley, Junior, Eddie and Naomi Thompson; Karen Ingraham, Enid and Mildred Roker; Sauleen Smith and family, Melvern Seymour, Tyrone and Rosemary Rigby, Reverend Dr. Charles Rolle and Laverne Rolle, Bernadette, Kingsley, Kenneth (Helena) Clarke; Gregory and Donna Clarke, Paul Major, Attorney Edward Turner and Honorable Loretta Butler-Turner MP; Attorney Owen Wells, Derek Bowleg, Leslie Bowleg, Betty, Rose, Carmen, Carl, Roy and the rest of the Tucker family; Rt. Reverend Bishop Laish Boyd of the Anglican Church, Bishop Raymond Neilly and Roslyn Neilly, Reverend Bishop Derek C.O. Brown and the Rhodes Memorial Methodist Church family, Reverend Dr. Kenneth Huggins, Reverend Leonard Roberts, Reverend Henley Perry, Reverend Claire Robinson, Reverend Dr. J. Emmett Weir, Reverend Edward Sykes, Mrs. Patricia Freckleton and family, Mission Through Faith Church of God Incorporated family, Rt. Reverend Dean Patrick Adderley and Asterid Adderley, Reverend Fr. Colin Humes and family, Christ Church Cathedral Anglican Church family, Venerable Archdeacon George Knowles and the St. Georges Anglican Church family, Reverend Canon Warren Rolle and Thelma Rolle, Reverend Fr. James Moultrie, Reverend Fr. Stephen Davies, Reverend Etienne Bowleg, Prime Minister Rt. Honorable Perry G. Christie MP and Bernadette Christie, Deputy Prime Minister Honorable Philip Davis MP, House Speaker Honorable Dr. Kendal Major MP, Honorable Frederick Mitchell MP, Minister of Education Honorable Jerome Fitzgerald MP, Senator Honorable Frank Smith, High Commissioner to Canada His Excellency Calsey Johnson and Dulcie Johnson, Irene Major and family, Paul D. Major and Jan Major, Alfred Brennen and family, Nathaniel and Valrie Dean, Dr. Adrian Dean and family, Attorney Wanda Dean, Andrew Dean, Greta Brown and the C.H. Reeves Junior High School family, Principal Theophilus Claridge and the A.F. Adderley Junior High School family, Principal Byron Saunders and the Government High School family, Marcian Cooper and family, Attorney Craig Butler, Attorney Kendolyn Cartwright and the Aksum Law Chambers family, Vivian Humes and family, Angela Nairn and family, Doris Smith, the Smith family, the Coakley family, Carolyn Adderley, Sandra Collie and family, Addington “Ding” Godet and family, Patrick Smith, Donald Thompson and family, the Perigord family, Godfrey and Schandles Barry, the Munroe family, Lester Rahming, Ricardo Godet, Leonard Cumberbatch, Colin Knowles, the Rahming family, the Hudson family, Anna Strachan, Kendal Demeritte and Reverend Emily Demeritte, the Sturrup family, Victoria Gibson, the Whymns family, Deon Cooper, Nurse Janice Thompson, Audley and Noreen Major, Peter Turnquest, Edith Smith, Winifred Smith and the Smith family, Justice Hartman Longley and Sonia Longley, Justice Rhonda Bain, Jerry and Tametha Rolle and family, Strass Edwards, Henry Ford, Michael Brice and Sharon Brice-Hinds, Kevin Christie, the Culmer family, Marilyn Bethel, Godfrey Bowe, Dan Knowles Jr., Craig Ferguson, Attorney Fayne Thompson, Theophilus Thompson, Ricardo Godet, Rudolph Neilly, GM Stanford Culmer, WM Juan Bethel and the Officers and Members of Royal Eagle Lodge #1 and James E. Morley Consistory #73; Toastmasters Club 1600, Morgan Graham, Ken Culmer, Hugh Clarke, Wendell Clarke, the Burgzorg family, Don Hunt and family, Godfrey Bain and family, Attorney Paul Knowles, Winston “Gus” Cooper, the Valley Boys Junkanoo Group, Ingrid Russell, Lilymae McDonald, the McDonald family, Garfield McPhee, Sybil Archer, John Archer, Magistrate Honorable Guillimina Archer, the Archer family, Juliette Barnwell and family, the Bowleg family, Roosevelt Finlayson, Spence Finlayson, the Finlayson family, Dr. Austin Davis, the Colebrooke family, Betty Clarke, the Clarke family, Roscoe Davis and the Davis family, Roosevelt Godet, Anthony Bartlett, Stephen Elliott, ACP Stephen Seymour, Carlton Seymour, Verona Seymour, Tyrone Sawyer, Barry Sawyer, Roscoe Davis, Commodore (Ret.) Leon Smith and Helen Smith, the Greene family, the Peterson family, Harold and Gwenneth Munnings, Dr. Harold Munnings, Reverend Dr. Fr. Ronald Hamilton, Dr. Christopher Basden, Dr. A. Eneas, the Staff of Princess Margaret Hospital especially the Trauma Section and Female Medical No. 2 and a host of other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.