Samuel Christopher Knowles

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The late Mr. Samuel Christopher Knowles Age 66yrs, a resident of Lowe Sound, North Andros
will be held on Saturday November 1st 2014, 10.00 a.m. at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Lowe Sound. Officiating will be Rev. Dr. Iffill E. Russell assisted by Rev. Sabrina Moss,Rev. Dr. E. John Newton and Rev. Harold Fritzgerald. Interment will follow in the Public Cemetery, Lowe Sound, North Andros.

Left to cherish his precious memories are his Wife: Genevee Knowles; Children: RC186 Perry Knowles (RBPF) and Nurse Anikita, Maria Colebrooke, Lauralee and Lathera Knowles, Sgt.2904 Kemuel Knowles (RBPF) and Nurse Tamica, Ruthnell and Ron Bethell, Berkitt Knowles, Tara Evans and Rochell and Alexio Mckinney; Grand and Great-grand Children: Perry Jr., Peron and Nikeisha Knowles, DeJanae Stubbs, Anastacia Knowles, Frankieann Curry, Crystal Gibson, Kemiyah Knowles, Rjonne and Robyn Bethell, Tyrise Sweeting, Breanna Jones, Keyanna Taylor, Ramone Evans and Dareius McQueen; Siblings: Hulan and Bernice Knowles, Rosa and Edwin Miller, Roselda Knowles, Elvina and Randolph McQueen, Dencil Knowles, Lovely Knowles, Alrick Russell, Isiah Colebrooke, Oswald, Vezel, Ray and Selvin Evans, Veronica and Eddison Thompson, Selvin Evans, Daren and Linda Evans, Alicia and Ellie Evans, Deaconess Flora and Deacon Harold Frizgerald, Wilson , Jacquline and Maud Evans, Lenamae and Mackey Knowles, Ester and Craig Bowe; Aunts and Uncles: Tericita and Allen Russell, Audrey and Ezekiel Russell, Oral Evans, and Alma Griffin;Nieces and Nephews: Daniel, Vyomie, Magnetta, Melvin, Eulamae, Leo, Jolyn, Nigel, Douglas, Nastacia, Jeremy and Lynda, Eugene, Hue Maddason, Jamico, Dencil Jr. and Leading Mechanics Leslie and Mark Knowles, Jancine and Basil Bowleg, Kimberly and Curtis Bryan, Pearl, Wilton, Claranell, Jack Allen, Mariceta, Roger, Dollymae, Fred, Erica,Tiano, Britney, Travis, Tanya, Neko and Alisha Russell, Nadine and Urandal Lewis, Sandy Johnson, Colame and Kendal Evans, Samantha, Phil, Emma, Emmason, Donna, and PC3213 Elmas McQueen and Lesliann, Barbara Rolle, Alma, Leon, Katherine, Isaac, Paulamae, Clifton, Coleen, Andrew and Suenae Colebrooke, Shirley Grant, Mary and Martha Burrows, Olivia, Otis and Benny Bowe, Sharona Barr, Meagan Woodside, Carlisa, Akeem, Amard, Delon, Shane, Raven and Ricardo Knowles, K’nobry and Elroy Bryan, Patra, Lounique, Louvans and Terrance, Lumekia and Lunskia Johnson, Stevenson Barr, Anthony, Faith, Denise, Blair, Kendekia, Sadie and Kendal Jr. and Cindy Evans, Oreon, Rodney, Serina and Allen Russell, Coffie Moss, RC Ricardo Saunders (RBPF), Sharona Barr, Megan Woodside, Christopher and Keisha Bowleg, Brandon, Delano, Kera and Deandra Riley, Ramon and Urandell Lewis, Dominick Delancy, Charlie Jr. and Brian Grant, Rohan Forbes, Joeresse Marshall, Karen and Benson, Vandora and Rochelle Gaitor and a Host of Other Relatives and Friends: Martha and Frederick Rolle, Zelda and Eugene Campbell, Ulric, Aphonzo and Rev. Harvey Woodside, Mary Bowleg, Maureen Pratt, Kevin and Shanetta Bootle, Stanford Johnson, Queen and Gordan Gaitor, Udell Seymour, Rosco Murphy, Vincent Strachan, Holland Griffin, Patricia and Elrinis Miller, Angela Stuart, Billy Evans, Loxwell Russell, Oneil Johnson, Carolyn and Marvin Knowles, Dorie Oliver, Curl Lewis, Rev. Dr. Iffill and Rev. Philmore Russell, Rudolph Knowles Jr., Rev. Dr. John E. Newton, Rev. Sabrina Moss and Duke, Lankwood and Judy Wood, Noah Newton, Peter Lee, Lankwood Evans, Micheal Colebrooke, Cassandra Fowler, Neeman Dean, Dr. Nigel Lewis, Terrance McQueen, Alfie Stubbs, Commissioner Elliston Greenslade (RBPF), Supt. Murray Evans, Supt. Kevin Rolle, Ret ACP Glenn Miller..

The body will repose at the Chapel of the Saints, Sweeting’s Colonial Mortuary and Crematorium, #84 Blue Hill Rd. from 10.00 am on Friday until 1:00pm and from 4.00 pm at the church in Andros until service time.