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Economy 'running on 30% efficiency'

The Bahamian economy is “running on 30 percent efficiency” because of its public education woes, a governance reformer has warned, arguing that these have placed “the entire nation in peril”. Robert Myers, the Organisation for Responsible Governance

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‘Stop beating up on private sector’

The government’s labour chief has been told by a prominent businessman to “stop beating up on the private sector” over The Bahamas’ long-standing workforce quality and “brain drain” woes.

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Governance reformer: $210 minimum wage can't meet living cost

A governance reformer yesterday argued it is impossible to live on a $210 weekly minimum wage because “the Bahamian cost of living is too high”. Robert Myers, the Organisation for Responsible Governance’s (ORG) principal, told Tribune Business that

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Debt ratio forecasts are 'overly optimistic'

Fiscal observers yesterday warned that projections showing The Bahamas’ debt ratios will be kept in check are “very optimistic” given that this requires surpluses three times’ higher than achieved before. Robert Myers, the Organisation for Responsib

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BPL ‘making its crisis our crisis’

Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) is “making its crisis our crisis” by placing the burden of its $650m refinancing on the backs of consumers, a governance reformer has blasted.

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'Fabric of society' threatened from no accountability

The Road Traffic Department’s driver licence woes demonstrate how the absence of public sector accountability threatens the “fabric of society”, a governance reformer argued yesterday.Robert Myers, the Organisation for Responsible Governance’s princi

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'I don't know how much more of this I can handle'

A governance reformer yesterday argued “nothing has changed” to improve The Bahamas’ stagnant ease of doing business ranking, as he revealed: “I don’t know how much more I can take.”Robert Myers, a principal with the Organisation for Responsible Gove

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Dorian restoration has 'nation's fiscal future in its hands'

Government officials managing the Hurricane Dorian recovery efforts “have the fiscal success of the country in their hands”, a prominent governance reformer has warned.Robert Myers, the Organisation for Responsible Governance’s (ORG) principle, told

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'Stupid is as stupid does' on BPL crisis

A governance reformer yesterday blasted The Bahamas’ tendency to only address key problems “in a crisis” as he blamed its energy woes on “irresponsible governance” and bad fiscal habits. Robert Myers, pictured , a principal with the Organisation for

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Politicians told: 'Stop throwing fiscal rocks'

A governance reformer has urged the Opposition to publicly affirm its commitment to responsible government finances, while urging both political parties: “Stop throwing fiscal rocks.” Robert Myers, the Organisation for Responsible Governance’s (ORG)

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'Skeleton in closet' fear over debt fall

A governance reformer yesterday expressed fears that “a skeleton in the closet” could yet derail the government’s achievement of the first quarterly national debt reduction for years. Robert Myers, the Organisation for Responsible Governance’s (ORG)

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'Slow climb out' on govt reform goals

The government has been urged to “speed up” its short-term transformation targets, a governance reformer suggesting current goals indicate “a slow climb out” for the economy. Robert Myers, pictured , the Organisation for Responsible Governance’s (OR

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Building permit delay slash 'win-win for all'

Construction industry executives yesterday hailed the government’s ambition to slash by 75 percent the “exorbitant” time taken to obtain building permits as “a win-win for everybody”.Robert Myers, principal of the Caribbean Group and multiple constru

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New construction model eyes 40% build time cut

A prominent businessman yesterday said his “$1m-plus” new construction venture is aiming to “double sales within a couple of years” once its pre-engineered model takes off.

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‘Work like hell’ after six-year GDP stall

The Bahamas must “work like hell” to achieve higher GDP growth rates after data released yesterday revealed the economy has finally exited a six-year stall.

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‘We can’t blindly march into WTO’

A prominent businessman yesterday said the Oxford Economics study had reinforced his view “that the government must get its house in order before we blindly march into the WTO”.

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Decade to end ‘social welfare’ system in Govt

A governance reformer has predicted it will take between five to ten years to eliminate “the social welfare system” that much of the public sector has become.

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‘More pressure for change’ call after IMF reveal

Governance reformers yesterday called for “more pressure for change” after the IMF warned that addressing structural impediments to growth was “critical” ahead of joining the WTO.

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Bahamas urged to reverse IMF’s GDP growth outlook

The Bahamas must reverse the downward GDP growth trajectory forecast yesterday by the IMF, a governance reformer warned yesterday, arguing: “We’re still not where we need to be.”

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‘Call out’ public sector on multi-million waste

Governance reformers yesterday demanded that the public sector be “called out” over its multi-million dollar waste and inefficiency, and warned: “Audits don’t make it go away.”

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‘Phenomenal’ if lower deficit forecast holds

Governance reformers yesterday hailed the government’s prediction that it will shrug off a $185m revenue shortfall - and beat its full-year deficit target - as “phenomenal” if it comes true.

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‘Singapore of Americas’ if we root out corruption

The Bahamas can become “the Singapore of the Americas” if it rids itself of corruption, poor governance and lack of vision, a prominent reform campaigner argued yesterday.

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DPM praised for putting country before politics

The deputy prime minister was yesterday praised by a governance reformer for placing “saving the country” over political gain through the government’s economic restructuring plans.

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Economy faces ‘real climb’ to dent unemployment rate

The Bahamas must see “a real climb in GDP growth” to at least 2.5 percent every year to break the cycle of double digit unemployment rates, a governance reformer warned yesterday.

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Bahamas ‘25% of way there’ on reform progress

The Bahamas is “maybe 25 percent of the way there” on economic and fiscal reforms, a governance campaigner said yesterday, with too few Bahamians feeling the benefits of this progress.

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Non-profit ‘wipe out’ fear over new legislation

The Government was yesterday warned it will “wipe out” many non-profit organisations (NPO), and drive away valuable donations, through its new regulatory regime.

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Bloated public sector like ‘50k pound canoe anchor’

The Government was yesterday urged to eliminate “excess weight” in the public sector that is dragging The Bahamas down “like a 50,000 pound anchor for a canoe”.

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Where’s the ‘modern governance’ pledged in return for VAT hike?

The Bahamas is not getting the “modern governance” promised in return for the VAT hike, a leading reformer blasted yesterday, with people “sick and tired” of financing a bloated public sector.

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'How could I compete' against 7 cents power?

A Bahamian businessman yesterday questioned “how am I supposed to compete” against foreign rivals whose all-in electricity costs are almost two-thirds lower than BPL’s fuel charge.Robert Myers, who also heads the Organisation for Responsible Governan

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'Skeletons in closet' fear on fiscal report

Governance reformers yesterday expressed fears that the Government’s finances may still contain “skeletons in the closet” because of its continued reliance on cash-based accounting.Robert Myers, the Organisation for Responsible Governance’s (ORG) pri

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Bahamians must 'raise hell' over govt waste

Bahamians must “start raising hell” over recent revelations of government waste, fraud and questionable contracts, a governance reformer urging: “We’ve got to move past this horrible era.”Robert Myers, the Organisation for Responsible Governance’s (O

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'Absolute game changer' if bill properly enforced

The Fiscal Responsibility Bill is “an absolute game changer” for good governance if properly enforced and complied with by the public sector, a leading reform campaigner said yesterday.Robert Myers, the Organisation for Responsible Governance’s (ORG)

Govt told: ‘Cut inefficient taxes across the board’

The Government was yesterday urged by a leading governance reformer to reduce “inefficient taxes across the board” so that it could make room for potential Value-Added Tax (VAT) rate increases.

Bahamas can’t afford ‘another five years’ of secretive governance

The Bahamas cannot afford “another five-year cycle” of unaccountable government spending, a governance reformer warned yesterday, arguing that a Fiscal Responsibility Act should have “preceded” Value-Added Tax (VAT).

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YOUR SAY: Fighting to save the Bahamian economy

There has been much recent discussion of Bahamian dollar devaluation. At this stage, is seems that it is not a matter of if The Bahamas will suffer devaluation, but when.

$6.6bn debt ‘well beyond’ the need for stabilisation

The Bahamas is “well beyond” the point where it merely needs to “stabilise” its $6.6 billion national debt, a former Chamber chairman said yesterday, as he warned that the economy was showing “no desire for growth”.

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'Five Baha Mars' needed to solve jobless crisis

The Bahamas needs “five Baha Mars going on” simultaneously to achieve the 5.5 per cent GDP growth necessary to slash existing unemployment by 50 per cent and absorb thousands of annual school leavers into the workforce.

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Gov't urged: End 'ridiculous foot dragging' on BEC

The Government has been urged to end its "ridiculous foot dragging" over the Bahamas Electricity Corporation's (BEC) part-privatisation and wider energy reform, as the private sector readies its own study on the issue.


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