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INSIGHT: All we've got to do is think BIG and be BRAVE

Bahamians need a “come to Jesus moment” on national development. Those who advocate employment opportunities at more risk of destroying thousands in the future, amounts to a deal with the devil At the same time, environmentalists must understand that people have to live, and they can’t eat sand.

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INSIGHT: Lining up for another, unnecessary own goal

It is difficult to understand what the FNM is trying to achieve with its increasingly extreme and desperate stance on immigration. Not mentioned at all on the campaign trail, the issue has somehow ballooned into a top priority, an urgent challenge – a crisis in fact! But a crisis of their own making and the source of repeated blunders and embarrassments which must rattle so insecure and self-conscious a government to its very core.

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Halt the bulldozers

HUMAN rights attorney Fred Smith, QC, has asked Attorney General Carl Bethel and other government officials to agree in writing that they will not evict shanty town residents or bulldoze their homes until a looming class-action lawsuit is heard in court.

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‘I’ll sue to save shanty homes’

THE government’s efforts to eradicate shanty town communities have come under fire, with prominent attorney and human rights activist Fred Smith yesterday threatening a lawsuit to block any attempts to raze homes in these areas.

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Appellate judge questions Jean Rony decision

AN appellate judge has questioned whether a Supreme Court judge had the power to compel the government to cause Bahamas-born Jean Rony Jean-Charles to be returned to the Bahamas despite him having no right to remain in the country.

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INSIGHT: Stop taxing the poorest

ALREADY drowning in a sea of hefty utility bills, high living costs, and archaic business-stifling restrictions, low to middle income Bahamians have just been smacked in the face with a sledgehammer in the form of a regressive, unexpected and misguided tax hike. It is far worse for Grand Bahamians where the economy remains mired in a quagmire of depression.

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FRED SMITH: The urgent need for a Human Rights Act

The Bahamas has a problem with human rights. Specifically, this society harbours a deep distain for two basic propositions:

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Smith: Bethel wrong on illegal Oban deal

THE Oban Energies Heads of Agreement is “illegal,” attorney Fred Smith said yesterday. His comment followed Education Minister Jeffrey Lloyd’s admission that the Minnis administration did not follow the law with the HOA was contradicted by Attorney

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INSIGHT: Time for a radical overhaul of our tax system

Bahamians continue to suffocate under the weight of hefty utilities bills, an unnecessarily high cost of living and daunting bureaucratic hurdles to making their own way in the world. The last thing they want to hear is the government intends to oppress them further with the burden of new taxes.

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INSIGHT: We treat murderers and rapists better than we treat people suspected of having ‘Haitian blood’

When people hear the term “ethnic cleansing” they tend to think of notorious historical genocides – mass exterminations of people under the most graphic and shocking of circumstances. References to “concentration camps” usually evoke images like the unspeakable horrors of Auschwitz, the huge death toll of the Soviet Gulags, mass graves in the former Yugoslavia.

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INSIGHT: The presumption of innocence

Former Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell’s (PLP) November 2014 immigration policy explicitly targets people who are already here legally; not people who have violated the Immigration Act. The focus was on people being “documented”, “regularised” and having “papers”; not on whether they broke any laws. Having just come to office, Brent Symonette (FNM) seems intent on blithely continuing this heresy.

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INSIGHT: Fighting for everyone’s rights

Bahamians must begin to think of the fight to protect immigrant rights as part of a larger battle to defend the rule of law for the benefit of all who reside in this country.

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‘Detainees must be taken to court’

DESPITE continued immigration sweeps throughout the country, officials have yet to find any of the migrants who were believed to be on board a large empty sloop, which was discovered on the shoreline of Adelaide Beach last weekend.

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INSIGHT: The time has come for both political parties to stop playing politics with immigration

The Bahamas’ leading human rights lawyer continues his analysis of the Minnis administration’s December 31 deadline for illegal immigrants to leave the country.

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INSIGHT: A bad idea which just gets worse

I continue to watch and listen with dismay to your proclamations on driving out illegal immigrants in what is now just 55 days time.

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‘Pay raise could help to prevent corruption’

NAYSAYERS will never approve raising the salaries of parliamentarians, attorney Fred Smith, QC, said yesterday as he welcomed Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ intention to increase the pay of MPs.

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INSIGHT: Minnis must resist this hostile foreign takeover

The attempted forcible buy-out of Grand Bahama Power Company by a 100 percent foreign-owned entity is nothing less than an aggressive hostile takeover which is clearly not in the best interest of The Bahamas.

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Who are the real targets? 

Leading human rights lawyer continues his series of articles attacking the government’s new immigration crackdown 

AT first glance, the Christmas “Minnis Manifesto” appears to be directed at persons who are illegally in the country. The Prime Minister commands them to voluntarily leave or regularize themselves by getting their papers straight or face aggressive arrest and deportation in the New Year. But, effectively, who is the threat directed at?

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YOUR SAY: A chance to change

The 2017 general election has gifted us with a tremendous opportunity to strengthen and entrench crucial democratic principles in the political, social and economic life of The Bahamas.

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INSIGHT: A simmering constitutional crisis ready to erupt

Frederick Smith QC says the separation of powers between executive and judiciary is being threatened by ‘capricious’ parliamentarians over the Save The Bays email row . . .

Green economy gives ‘opportunities galore’

The Government would help create a “far greater” number of “meaningful” Bahamian jobs if it abandoned its current development approach in favour of the ‘green economy’, a well-known QC believes.

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Mitchell: Smith is waging war against me

FOX Hill MP Fred Mitchell was adamant yesterday that Fred Smith, QC, legal director of Save The Bays, has waged “war” on him through a series of court actions aimed to “bankrupt” him personally.

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Fred Mitchell may file formal complaint against Fred Smith

MINISTER of Immigration and Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell has threatened to file a formal complaint against Fred Smith, QC, to the Bar Association in connection with two Cuban men who were wrongfully imprisoned in the country for nearly three years and fled to the United States after being released.

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Fred Smith: Jail or fine for violating bail 'completely unconstitutional'

GRAND Bahama Human Rights Association President Fred Smith, QC, said it is “completely unconstitutional” to jail or fine someone for failing to abide by their bail conditions and the GBRA is prepared to represent anyone who the courts attempt to “illegally” penalise.

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Call for PLP to respond to Munroe over flogging

HUMAN rights advocate and attorney Fred Smith urged the Christie administration to break its silence on the “vile and dehumanising” comments made by lawyer Wayne Munroe or run the risk of the remarks being perceived as government policy.

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Activists say deportation of man will be illegal

HUMAN rights advocates are deploring the fact that a man, who recently had charges of illegal entry dismissed in Magistrate’s Court, is being held at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre awaiting deportation.

Activist ‘thrilled’ at reluctance to apply tough immigration penalties

FRED Smith, president of the Grand Bahama Human Rights Association, said yesterday he was “thrilled” that the courts are “not responding” to the government’s policy change to ensure harsher penalties for breaches of the Immigration Act.

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‘Where is the Freedom of Information Act?’

AN outspoken lawyer has criticised the government for not yet passing the Freedom of Information Act, stating that the Christie administration has allowed the legislation to die “the natural political death of things that don’t have a priority in The Bahamas”.

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Nottage challenged over comments on judiciary

GRAND Bahama Human Rights Association President Fred Smith yesterday challenged National Security Minister Dr Bernard Nottage to recant his “irresponsible and immature” comments regarding the judiciary and crime.

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Opinion: The dangers of Fred Mitchell

Politicians from all parties fear the power of a Haitian-Bahamian voting block and are complicit in the illegal and unconstitutional policies regarding citizenship in the Bahamas, Fred Smith argues

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Judicial review granted over 'fundamentally flawed' HCA consultation

FREEPORT attorneys Fred Smith QC and Carey Leonard have been granted leave by the Supreme Court for a Judicial Review seeking a declaration against the government that the consultation process of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement Review Committee (HCARC) is illegal and “fundamentally flawed”.


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