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VIEW FROM AFAR: What are we waiting for?

I can’t remember when I wrote my first article on the renewal of Bay Street. Nor can I remember how many times I have written on this subject. The answers are, however, long ago and very many times.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Long suffering taxpayers and their investments

WE have a belief in The Bahamas that the people benefit when they own, through their Government, public utilities such as the electricity company, chunks of the telephone companies and the controlling interest in a commercial bank. All I can say is

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Liquified gas - a life saver

Finally! Electricity generated from Liquified Natural Gas is on its way to Nassau. It is already being used in Jamaica. The cost benefits have been substantial by reducing the price of electricity. Substantially larger generating capacity is currentl

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I thought it would be useful to propose a list of resolutions that may be beneficial for The Bahamas to adopt for 2018.

VIEW FROM AFAR: Exciting times at Graycliff

I WENT by West Hill Street last week and was very encouraged to see the developments being carried on by Graycliff’s owners on the properties adjoining and across the road from the original restaurant.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Getting down to the facts

Tourism is now more important to the people of The Bahamas than ever before so everything reasonable should be done to guarantee its success.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Happenings in Jamaica

OVER the decades, I have often said that The Bahamas can learn some things from Jamaica and then quickly added about what not to do. There are many mistakes we have made in Jamaica which I felt The Bahamas could avoid. However, Jamaica does some thi

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View from Afar: A gold mine in the sky

The Bahamas, like other tourist destinations in the region, earns income from sun, sand and sea. There is however another ‘S’ from which we can earn. That ‘S’ is the Sky. We have more sea and sky than we have land mass. From the sea we reap benefit

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Now let’s get back to business

VIEW from Afar took a break during the recent elections. This was because, as a long time resident but not a citizen of The Bahamas, I did not want any opinions put forward to be interpreted as being politically partisan.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: States cannot legislate morality

THERE are many religions in the world with a very large number of followers. The five with the largest are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and non-religious or atheists.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: What we can learn from Singapore’s development

SINGAPORE is often admired for the progress it has made since becoming an independent island nation in 1965.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Debunking the myth of exchange controls

THE Central Bank continues to ease exchange controls. This is a good thing. However, I again ask why the fear of completely removing exchange controls?

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VIEW FROM AFAR: The distraction of politics

IT HAS been quite a while since my last column. Maybe not many people noticed but I thought it may be good to explain why.

VIEW FROM AFAR: My joint political initiative is key to reviving Nassau’s glory days

NASSAU’S glory days as a port of call for cruise ships are long gone.

VIEW FROM AFAR: Poaching is stealing, pure and simple

I NOTED the statement by the head of the Bahamas Commercial Fishers Alliance calling for the sinking of unauthorised vessels caught fishing in Bahamian waters. The Alliance made some very valid points.

VIEW FROM AFAR: We must make use of net metering

SINCE neither all my readers nor I are engineers, I will write in layman’s terms about the practice of net metering being adopted in enlightened countries.

VIEW FROM AFAR: Time is running out for Nassau and downtown redevelopment

The growth of cruise stops in the Bahamas in recent times has been substantially due to the growth in the number of private cays.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: A tax too far on hotels

WHEN a hotel bring travel agents, media personalities and journalists to the Bahamas and puts them up free of cost, the hotel is required to pay Value Added Tax (VAT) on a value of the rooms given to them.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Overlooked change in restrictions on foreign exchange

WITH all the attention being paid by the media to the Free National Movement party leadership, Save The Bays disputes and Baha Mar, I am not surprised that when a fundamental move with long-term economic benefits was announced by the Central Bank, there was little or no public comment.

VIEW FROM AFAR: When some issues must transcend party politics

It was very refreshing to see the unanimous vote in Parliament on moving forward towards gender equality.

VIEW FROM AFAR: The tax-free enclaves in The Bahamas

DID YOU know that there are islands of The Bahamas where you don’t have to pay Value Added Tax (VAT)?

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View From Afar: Investing in human capital key to a brighter Bahamas

THERE are many Bahamians who need gainful employment.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: New Year resolutions

IT is human nature to hope that the new year will be better than the old year. However, in order to have a better chance of this being so, it is always useful not just to hope but to take those actions which would make it more likely to happen.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Importance of Disabilities Act

THE important Persons with Disabilities Act was gazetted on August 13, 2014. It establishes a National Commission for Persons with Disabilities managed by a board of trustees.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Time to reap the benefits of ending exchange control policy

THERE have been a number of comments recently about the need for more dependence on local investment and less on foreign.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Why equality should be above politics

THERE are many fundamental issues that arise in a nation’s journey to a more enlightened future for its citizens, socially and economically.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Equality for all

THIS column continues to be amazed that the basic human right of all Bahamians to be equal under the law is a matter for partisan debate in the Bahamas.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Electricity charges and a not-so-hidden tax

THE Jamaica Public Service Co, the country’s electricity utility, does not have the most efficient power generating plant. It is majority-owned by foreign investors and is regulated under law by the Office of Utilities Regulation.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: The Bahamas treasure trove

HAVING given up on the possibility of the removal of exchange controls, we need to find a way for The Bahamas to benefit from the fortune in assets held overseas by Bahamians.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: A chance to make the waterfront a splash hit

THERE is no denying that it needs to happen.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: We can find concensus to drive nation forward

IT HAS been some time since I have written this column, which had always tried to focus on matters of national, social, cultural, economic and enviromental concern.


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