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The 10-step plan to fight cyber risk

Rigorous IT security assessments should be performed by specialists. They can give you a head start towards understanding your company’s capabilities for managing and mitigating the ever-present risk that cyber threats pose today. We believe that ex


Shavonne Smith: Prepare to combat rise in cybercrime

In the first of a new series, Deloitte & Touche (Bahamas) Shavonne Smith urges companies to take prevention measures to the next level . . .


Taking security beyond the passwords, firewalls

Deloitte’s Shavonne Smith warns companies to extend prevention further than access control

It may be fair to wonder, especially if a Board member does not have a professional information technology (IT) background, whether asking management about specific security measures might invite jargon-ridden replies that leave the director no wiser than before.

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How to combat IT’s ‘weapon of choice’

Deloitte’s Shavonne Smith warns that even the most innocuous actions can expose companies to cybercriminals . . .


Insurance a complement, but no cure, for cyber security risk

Cyber insurance can complement a company’s active security measures by providing coverage in three broad areas: * Liability for loss or breach of data * Remediation costs to respond to a breach, such as a forensic investigation, notification to aff


DIANE PHILLIPS: How do you know when it’s time to trade the old for the new?

There is an almost inexplicable pleasure in cleaning out a drawer, a satisfaction that far exceeds what would seem appropriate for such a mundane task.