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FACE TO FACE: A family living up to the legacy of a legend

WHEN a giant of a man leaves the imprint of his footstep on this Earth, it can be seen for generations to come.

PLP using Trump’s playbook

It is quite depressing to reflect on the journey that the Republican Party has taken since the days of the American Civil War. It was once the party of Abraham Lincoln that ended slavery in the United States. Today it is the party of Donald Trump and uses anger, fear, conspiracy theories and fake news to whip up the emotions of a section of society that is shrinking and getting more desperate by the day.

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Christabelle nails a career in carpentry

Carpentry is usually not a profession associated with women, but Christabelle Izevbizua has been interested in woodwork and building things since she was in junior high school. And now, she has taken that years-long passion and created her own business platform, inclusive of workshops for aspiring young carpenters.

Fake polls and reality

We the people gave Minnis and the then opposition FNM a massive victory in May, 2017. We were allured by the many, now bogus, promises made by them plus we were dead tired of brother Christie. Since being elected it is to be admitted that back-to-back events, the hurricanes and now the ongoing pandemic created grave difficulties for the incoming government. It is how it reacted to and dealt with the effects that has now turned many Bahamians off with the PM and his halting administration.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Do I have to spell it out for you? Check your facts

I’M convinced that the internet has more “fake news” spreaders and “conspiracy theorists” per capita here in The Bahamas than anywhere else in the world.

Long Island Chamber chief hails ‘incredible’ cruise visit

Long Island’s Chamber of Commerce president has hailed the impact of Crystal Cruises’ first-ever visit to the island as “incredible”.

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Ali Knowles CEO of Caribbean Sluggers

ALI Knowles has made a successful transition from the baseball diamond to the equipment and apparel business.

Behold the swingers

There is a famous song by a Bahamian entertainer par excellence, my favorite living sibling, Kirkland ‘KB’ Bodie, titled: ‘Boy Ya Got Swing’. We all know that song was always relevant, but it will become even more so as we approach yet another electoral cycle.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Is there a plot to jettison Minnis? His advisers are not making him look too hot

Let me open this week by saying, as a professional comedian with 23 years in the industry, you can’t write the comedy of errors that unfolded before our eyes this week any funnier.

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Realtors warn: 'Don't break the economy'

Leading realtors yesterday urged the government not to “break the economy” as they warned that the mandatory 14-day quarantine facing all visitors will bring the international market to a halt.John Christie, HG Christie’s president and managing broke

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FACE TO FACE: A remarkable life detailed in a folder telling the story of one of our nation’s builders

The “Father of Paediatrics” in The Bahamas was laid to rest this weekend, signalling the passing of yet another of our great nation builders. Time goes on, as it must, but it is right to take time to honour those who paved the way, paying tribute to their life and work.

Set a plan in motion

The time is upon us to rise up from this state of paralysis caused by the Covid 19 pandemic and set a plan of action in motion to restore the health of the economy of our glorious Bahamas. Here are some ideas the government should consider:

Keeping the wood crafting dream alive

The widow of Bahamas Woodcrafters’ founder is working with company staff to keep his 22-year dream alive by making it the leading business in the industry.Alexander Baxter opened the creative wood crafting business in the Soldier Road Industrial Park

Be careful of ‘expert’ advice

Health coach Ethan Quant, of Elite Wellness Solutions, has succeeded in his weight loss journey and now wants to share his methods with the Bahamas in an effort to foster a culture of wellness and conquer the obesity epidemic.

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$7.2m to repair nine schools

EDUCATION Minister Jeff Lloyd said yesterday nine schools are in need of critical repair at a cost of $7.2m. With about six weeks until administrators and teachers are expected to report to work, Mr Lloyd said school repairs have already begun. “We

EDITORIAL: Why it's time we took tackling climate change seriously

How serious are we about tackling climate change here in The Bahamas? We ask because the rest of the world seems to be leaving us in their wake.

Lighthouse Point and Disney deal

I am an environmental proponent but I am also of the opinion that where there appears to be a conflict between protecting the environment at the expenses of creating sustainable jobs/employment opportunities for real people that the latter should take precedent.

$300k Memories guarantee creates Lucayan dispute

The Christie administration’s continued payment of $300,000 per month to Hutchison Whampoa, despite the Memories resort’s closure, is central to an ongoing dispute over the Government’s Grand Lucayan deal.Tribune Business can reveal that, as part of

Tributes paid to 'industrious, distinguished' Harry Sands

NOTED attorney Harry B Sands, 92, died peacefully at his home last Wednesday, his family announced.Mr Sands was one of the founding partners of the noted law firm Harry B Sands, Lobosky and Company.Called to the English Bar, Mr Sands was admitted to

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No plans to shut down auto business after fire

THE government does not have any current plans to shut down or relocate Strachan’s Auto Repair, press secretary Anthony Newbold said yesterday. The blaze on Sunday night when more than 200 cars burned was not the first time a fire has broken out at t