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Vaccines while you shop at Super Value

Super Value’s principal yesterday said he will be “very disappointed if thousands” of shoppers fail to get COVID-vaccinated at two of his stores this weekend, adding: “We must get to 100 percent.”

Larson a victim of fragility?

I must confess from the outset that I too had joined the chorus of irate Black Bahamians subsequent to revelations in Parliament by Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis that the former Free National Movement (FNM) government had paid Susan Holowesko-Larson $1,750 per week to chair the National Food Security Taskforce.

GB Utility blames shipper for $5m RO plant setback

Grand Bahama Utility Company (GBUC) has blamed another “disappointing setback” for construction of its $5m reverse osmosis plant on an error by its shipping company.

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COVID delays Island Luck co-founder’s US sentencing

A co-founder of the Island Luck web shop chain has persuaded a US federal court to delay his sentencing by 30 days because he has become ill with COVID-19.

Bank wipes out $30m loss in three months

A BISX-listed bank says its best first quarter for a decade has more than wiped out the near-$30m full-year loss it suffered for 2021, which was sparked by a 41.4 percent jump in bad loan impairments driven by COVID-19 fall-out.

Port chief hits back on ‘chill’ at Lucayan

The Grand Bahama Port Authority’s (GBPA) president yesterday slammed as “disingenuous” the attack on its water provider subsidiary by the Grand Lucayan’s chairman.

Shipping delay stalls GB water plant reconstruction

A DELAY in shipping has stalled the reconstruction of the Grand Bahama Utility Company’s reverse osmosis plant.

Stunned over latest water cut-off threat

CENTRAL Eleuthera businesses were late last week stunned that they came so close to losing their water supply for a second time before a last-minute resolution was found.

PLP food tax attack on poor

The PLP fooled the Bahamian people on the campaign trail. They said they would lower VAT. That sounded good. No one likes paying taxes. Everyone wants taxes lowered.

Dictatorial tendencies cost Minnis

Immediately after the 2017 elections, Hubert Minnis set on a collision course, angered the majority of Bahamians, which ended in the most astonishing defeat in Bahamian history.

Water & Sewerage to unveil infrastructure enhancements

The Water and Sewerage Corporation’s (WSC) executive chairman forecast that multiple “commissionings” for new water infrastructure will take place during 2021.

Pastors rent to numbers house boys

Some weeks back I saw a missive penned by a group of pastors that expressed disapproval of the appointment of a web shop gaming mogul by the Free National Movement government to a diplomatic post.

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Grand Lucayan feels the ‘chill’ with no A/C

The Grand Lucayan’s chairman yesterday blamed the resort’s recent closure to overnight guests on an inferior water supply that “rotted our chillers” and left it without air conditioning.

Reverse osmosis units arrive in Grand Bahama

THE first shipment of reverse osmosis units has arrived in Grand Bahama for construction of a new three-million-gallon RO plant being built at a cost of $5m by the Grand Bahama Utility Company.

Stealing from the poor

I am writing this letter to you because I am fed up with the unscrupulous practices by merchants across the Bahamas. The stores have decided to take on the reversed philosophy of Robin Hood. In my opinion it is the perfect example of the rich stealing from the poor.

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Central Eleuthera faces new water cut-off threat

Central Eleuthera residents face having their water supply cut-off at 2.30pm this afternoon with the provider blaming the situation on inaction by the Water & Sewerage Corporation.

Legacy of the FNM

I recently heard Tommy Turnquest, a former leader of the Free National Movement, listing his party’s accomplishments after four terms in office.

Retailers in pick-up for Mother’s Day

Florists and gift shops yesterday said they have been receiving “plenty of orders” with Mother’s Day fast approaching, adding that business volumes were holding up well compared to pre-COVID figures.

‘Water heater sales are lucrative on GB’

A Grand Bahama hotel operator says “it’s a lucrative business to be in hot water heater sales” as his property grapples with the same salt water issues that have afflicted the nearby Grand Lucayan.

Water & Sewerage supplier eyes expansion despite $18.5m debt

The Water & Sewerage Corporation’s main supplier is eyeing potential expansion possibilities on New Providence notwithstanding the $18.5m debt that the state-owned utility continues to owe it.