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Make Gov’t debt ‘best in country’

A well-known businessman is arguing that the Government’s securities must again become “the best debt in the country” as he hailed the Central Bank’s reversal of its public brokerage services.

EDITORIAL: Nice words, but what is actually being done?

GLASGOW last year, Rwanda this week, Egypt for the COP27 conference in November … with all this jetting around the world, our climate change problems must be on the way to being solved. No?

Governing for benefit of Bahamians

There are encouraging signs that the present PLP government will go further than Mr Christie’s in reversing the ingrained national inferiority complex that has done this country such harm in terms of policy since 1992.

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DPM aims to ‘double’ stopovers in 3 years

The Bahamas is aiming to “double” stopover visitor numbers within the next three years as it bids to reverse its “shrinking” share of the Caribbean visitor market, the deputy prime minister revealed yesterday.

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Gas price crisis wiping out retailers’ profits

Bahamian gas stations say “no business operates” on the unsustainable seven percent gross margins they are enduring amid warnings the sector may have to cut jobs and operating hours to survive.

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'TREASURE SHARE MUST FAVOUR US': Govt seeks to secure ‘majority’ of riches found by explorers

A multi-million underwater explorer yesterday said it will cease treasure salvaging in Bahamian waters immediately if the Government's plans to take a "majority" share of the financial rewards prove unworkable.

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Shop-breaker is jailed

A MAN was sentenced to one year at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services yesterday for shop-breaking.

Water Corp racked up $40m supplier debts

The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) racked up a $40m debt owed to its major reverse osmosis suppliers since Hurricane Dorian struck in 2019, an MP said yesterday.

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Air arrivals hit 85% of pre-COVID levels

Total air arrivals to The Bahamas rebounded to 85 percent of pre-COVID numbers during April, more than doubling prior year numbers for a period that included the peak Easter holiday weekend.

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Jailed for receiving stolen aerosols

A MAN was sentenced to six months in prison yesterday for receiving $47.36 worth of aerosols over the Father’s Day Weekend.

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‘We won’t give shop away for porridge’

The deputy prime minister yesterday pledged that the Davis administration will “not give the shop away to investors for a bowl of porridge” as he revealed it is presently reviewing the tax breaks granted to them.

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Super Value transport budget up 47% as gas prices strike

Super Value’s principal yesterday said shoppers have “cut back drastically” on luxury items to make every dollar count, while revealing the supermarket chain’s own transportation budget has soared 47 percent.

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COVID collapse sparked rare $1.7bn ‘dual deficit’

Tourism’s “collapse” at COVID-19’s peak “exposed the fragility” of The Bahamas’ current economic model by producing rare twin goods and services trade deficits worth a combined $1.7bn.

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Foreign reserves stay over $3bn despite May decline

The Bahamas’ foreign currency reserves closed May 2022 above $3bn despite a $65m drop-off during the month, with the Central Bank reiterating its belief that they remain “more than adequate” to sustain the US dollar peg.

Retailers enjoying rebound in Independence Day sales

Retailers yesterday said Independence Day sales are much stronger than last year with one reporting a 10 percent year-over-year increase.

Retailers: We wanted ‘broader’ Budget cuts

Bahamian retailers have been left disappointed by Budget tariff cuts that were “not as broad-reaching as we’d have liked”, adding: “Ten percent of something is better than 45 percent of nothing.”

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Bahamas ‘telling the story’ to its investors

The Government is focused on “telling the story about The Bahamas” and its post-COVID recovery to ensure international investors and markets retain confidence in the country’s debt, a Cabinet minister said yesterday.

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Gov’t ‘adds insult to injury’ with medical VAT reforms

Health insurers have yet to meet the Prime Minister over VAT reforms that threaten to increase medical bills and healthcare costs, with the Government yesterday accused of “adding insult to injury” for thousands of Bahamians.

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WORLD VIEW: Time is overdue for correcting a foolish wrong

IT IS time that several nations, led in the Western Hemisphere by the US and Canada, correct a foolish wrong. Among those countries are two member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), namely Haiti and Jamaica.

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The Opposition last night accused the government of “sneaking” in a tax break for the rich by ordering Customs to eliminate the ten percent duty rate on so-called “pleasure vessels” outside the normal Budget process.