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Dictatorial tendencies cost Minnis

Immediately after the 2017 elections, Hubert Minnis set on a collision course, angered the majority of Bahamians, which ended in the most astonishing defeat in Bahamian history.

Christmas ‘make or break’ for local retail

A Bahamas Federation of Retailers co-chair yesterday warned the upcoming Christmas season will be “make or break” for many merchants still grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic’s devastating economic fall-out.

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Man shot dead on Robinson Road

A MAN was shot dead outside of a place he worked early Friday morning.

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‘Huge dreams' snatched away in deadly shooting

A RELATIVE of a Muffler World employee who was shot dead last week said he was planning to attend Florida International University before he was killed.

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PM urges US judge: End pursuit of web shop boss

The Prime Minister has urged a US judge to end the federal authorities’ pursuit of Island Luck’s co-founder, writing: “I strongly advocate termination of proceedings against Mr Adrian Fox.”

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Man who said he found stolen goods in garbage is acquitted

A MAN who said he was arrested after he was found with stolen goods that he had collected from a garbage can was yesterday acquitted after a magistrate ruled that the Crown failed to prove their case to a “requisite” standard.

Barbers hail return of their ‘15% day’

Barbers and beauticians yesterday hailed the easing of COVID-19 restrictions that will enable them to open on Sundays as that day traditionally accounted for 15 percent of their weekly revenues.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: All that it took to get people vaccinated was Black Friday

I COULD go so many ways this week; the material has been in abundance.

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Deandre Ayton and Suns embrace new journey

Deandre Ayton’s development was one of the main talking points of Phoenix Suns’ media day as the Western Conference finalists look to return to the NBA Finals and reverse those results.

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BOB targeting ‘real growth, not loan loss management’

Bank of The Bahamas yesterday said it was seeking to drive sustained profitability “from real growth as opposed to managing delinquency provisions” after enjoying a positive $14m bottom line swing.

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Tow truck driver: I did not knock down work colleague

A wheelchair bound tow truck driver denied knocking his colleague down with his vehicle when he was questioned in police custody, a court was told.

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Vagrant jailed for breaking into liquor store, stealing alcohol

A VAGRANT who admitted to breaking into a liquor store where he stole an assortment of alcoholic beverages was on Friday sentenced to two years behind bars.

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Davis Gov’t ‘decider if we sink or swim’

The Davis administration’s actions will “be the decider as to whether this country sinks or swims” amid its ongoing COVID-related health, economic and fiscal crises, a governance reformer argued yesterday.

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Reid: Second chance programme could reduce reoffending levels

PASTOR Carlos Reid has described the government’s newly announced Second Chance jobs programme as a “past due” initiative, one he believes that could spark a decline in the recidivism rate among offenders.

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Rehiring the retired? They get salary plus pension

THE Davis administration will allow retired civil servants who are reengaged by the government to simultaneously receive their salary and their pension, a shift in policy from the Minnis administration.

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GB requires ‘critical mass like yesterday’

Grand Bahama’s Chamber of Commerce president says the island needs to regain critical mass “like yesterday”, adding: “We desperately need jobs here.”

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IAN FERGUSON: Succession planning is vital to lasting success

Whether you are a small family business or a large corporation, a business owner or a human resources manager, effective retirement and succession planning is vital for your company’s continuing success.

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Davis: Climate change an existential threat to nation

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis stressed the impact climate change has on low-lying countries like The Bahamas while calling on international youth leaders to lobby for change.

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FRONT PORCH: ‘A hungry man is a angry man’

THE COVID-19 pandemic exposed and dramatically deepened food insecurity, hunger and undernutrition globally. According to the World Bank, the pandemic reversed years of development gains in numerous countries.

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‘Colleague hit me with his truck in parts row’

A tow truck driver yesterday testified of how an old colleague struck him with his truck after he confronted the man about parts that were stolen from his vehicle.