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Vaccines while you shop at Super Value

Super Value’s principal yesterday said he will be “very disappointed if thousands” of shoppers fail to get COVID-vaccinated at two of his stores this weekend, adding: “We must get to 100 percent.”

Larson a victim of fragility?

I must confess from the outset that I too had joined the chorus of irate Black Bahamians subsequent to revelations in Parliament by Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis that the former Free National Movement (FNM) government had paid Susan Holowesko-Larson $1,750 per week to chair the National Food Security Taskforce.

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Bank to ‘double’ dividend on pre-Dorian profit return

Commonwealth Bank will this month “double” its quarterly dividend payment, and return more than 27 percent of year-to-date profits back to shareholders, as it forecasts returning to pre-Dorian annual profits of $50m-$60m for 2022.

Bank wipes out $30m loss in three months

A BISX-listed bank says its best first quarter for a decade has more than wiped out the near-$30m full-year loss it suffered for 2021, which was sparked by a 41.4 percent jump in bad loan impairments driven by COVID-19 fall-out.

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Govt reverses previous administration's stance on Venezuela's Maduro regime

In light of three countries being excluded from the upcoming Summit of the Americas, Foreign Affairs and Public Service Minister Fred Mitchell has announced that the government is reversing the previous administration's position on Venezuela and is now supporting Nicholas Maduro's regime.

PLP food tax attack on poor

The PLP fooled the Bahamian people on the campaign trail. They said they would lower VAT. That sounded good. No one likes paying taxes. Everyone wants taxes lowered.

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Make Gov’t debt ‘best in country’

A well-known businessman is arguing that the Government’s securities must again become “the best debt in the country” as he hailed the Central Bank’s reversal of its public brokerage services.

EDITORIAL: Nice words, but what is actually being done?

GLASGOW last year, Rwanda this week, Egypt for the COP27 conference in November … with all this jetting around the world, our climate change problems must be on the way to being solved. No?

Governing for benefit of Bahamians

There are encouraging signs that the present PLP government will go further than Mr Christie’s in reversing the ingrained national inferiority complex that has done this country such harm in terms of policy since 1992.

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DPM aims to ‘double’ stopovers in 3 years

The Bahamas is aiming to “double” stopover visitor numbers within the next three years as it bids to reverse its “shrinking” share of the Caribbean visitor market, the deputy prime minister revealed yesterday.

Push for reverse sexual orientation discrimination

MEMBERS of the LGBTQ+ community in The Bahamas seem to have a sense of entitlement and an us against them mentality.

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Gas price crisis wiping out retailers’ profits

Bahamian gas stations say “no business operates” on the unsustainable seven percent gross margins they are enduring amid warnings the sector may have to cut jobs and operating hours to survive.

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Shop-breaker is jailed

A MAN was sentenced to one year at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services yesterday for shop-breaking.

Retailers in pick-up for Mother’s Day

Florists and gift shops yesterday said they have been receiving “plenty of orders” with Mother’s Day fast approaching, adding that business volumes were holding up well compared to pre-COVID figures.

Restoring Nassau’s glory days

Every time I drive through downtown Nassau it depresses me.

‘Extraordinarily high’: Transport costs now 20% of goods prices

A well-known Bahamian retailer is advising locals “to shop early because prices will not be going down” with transport costs accounting for an “extraordinarily high” 20 percent of product costs.

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'TREASURE SHARE MUST FAVOUR US': Govt seeks to secure ‘majority’ of riches found by explorers

A multi-million underwater explorer yesterday said it will cease treasure salvaging in Bahamian waters immediately if the Government's plans to take a "majority" share of the financial rewards prove unworkable.

Legacy of the FNM

I recently heard Tommy Turnquest, a former leader of the Free National Movement, listing his party’s accomplishments after four terms in office.

Water Corp racked up $40m supplier debts

The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) racked up a $40m debt owed to its major reverse osmosis suppliers since Hurricane Dorian struck in 2019, an MP said yesterday.

‘Frustration’ mounts over new Eleuthera water woe

The Water & Sewerage Corporation says it has voiced “frustration” to its central Eleuthera water supplier over mechanical breakdowns that left some customers without service from Independence Day evening.