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‘Non-controllable’ cost surge blocks bank matching 2022

Commonwealth Bank believes it would have come close to matching 2022’s “extraordinary” nine-month profitability had it not been for $3m in new Business Licence fees and utility costs “more than doubling”.

Briland ‘emergency’ over utility outages

Briland residents were yesterday said to be holding an “emergency meeting” after power and water outages disrupted the tourism hot-spot’s Thanksgiving and run-up to the peak winter season.

Delay dividends to give bigger payout, BOB told

Bank of The Bahamas should have waited to pay a more substantial dividend than its recent one cent per share declaration after a 49.6 percent jump in profits, an investor argued yesterday.

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PI braces for new fast-food conflict

Paradise Island is bracing for a new fast-food battle with plans to establish Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Burger King outlets set to potentially double the number of such brands to four.

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Govt considering another post office relocation

TRANSPORT and Energy Minister JoBeth Coleby-Davis said her ministry is considering a proposal to relocate the General Post Office to the former Independence Drive Shopping Plaza site.

Retail’s extra ‘strain’ in Christmas run-up

Bahamian retailers say downtown closures, and a longer wait to clear key stock, are imposing extra “strain” on the “make or break” Christmas shopping season that has assumed greater importance this year.

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Man fined $3,700 for possession of firearm part, ammunition, drugs

A MAN was fined over $3,000 after he admitted to having a firearm magazine containing 19 rounds of ammunition in his car earlier this year.

Watching BPL meters not so simple

Your editorial on the BPL late fee was apropos to say the least. On Sunday last I had a real lesson in humility, as I stood behind a lady who was checking out at a grocery shop. She emptied her trolley, one item at a time, eyes fixed on the register monitor, making sure she did not go over what she could spend, and every so often she would ask the cashier to cancel an item.

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Euro is gaining


Black Friday is behind us. But the rise of online shopping has reduced the importance of Black Friday as a single day event. What originally started in the US has become a global event.

Business not easy in The Bahamas

Inflation — alleged unnecessary cost increase of retail — merchants not passing reduction of Duty/Taxes on?

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Nipped in the Bud: Brewery reversal over 40-year tie-up

Commonwealth Brewery yesterday suffered a reversal as the Court of Appeal sided with Budweiser’s global parent in the dispute over the termination of their 40-year Bahamian distribution deal.

Retailers enjoy ‘steady’ Black Friday sales flow

Bahamian retailers have reported a “steady flow” of Black Friday customers and sales as persons “get the jump” start on their Christmas shopping.

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‘We’ll see how it plays out’, says Atlantis president - as they wait for the results of a traffic study

ATLANTIS’ president and managing director Audrey Oswell said the resort will see “how it plays out” after Wendy’s was granted approval for its Paradise Island restaurant.

Politics and church don’t mix

Politics and church? Should never mix so the PLP going to a church pre-their launch of their West End-Bimini campaign is certainly not appropriate dividing the community on religious grounds, stupid, but we do it and too many churches allow politicians in their pulpits when Revs may not go into the pulpit of the politician - House of Assembly.

BPL too often ‘holding the bag’ for developers

Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) is seeking a more “equitable” contribution from developers that need it to provide additional generation capacity for their projects, its chief executive revealed yesterday.

Opposition: Pay for VAT food relief via higher property rate

The Opposition’s finance spokesman yesterday urged the Government to reintroduce 12 percent VAT on high-value property purchases to finance his call for expanded tax relief on foods.

Briland ‘rolls with punches’ on Thanksgiving disruption

Harbour Island businesses yesterday said they had to “roll with the punches” over the Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend due to the loss of water supply and electricity woes.

Downtown Nassau ‘very dirty’

My daily commute takes me along the city centre and on to my final destination, but on yesterday, I took a detour ending at Starbucks, John Bull, Bay Street and as I await my coffee, I just couldn’t help myself from overhearing a part of a conversation that a guest to our country was having on his telephone:

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Thieves raid pastor’s car outside church

A LOCAL pastor is warning residents to be on guard this holiday season after thieves broke into his car and vandalised it while he was at church on Monday night.

Bahamas natural resources in $150m yearly protection

The Bahamas requires “in excess of $150m” annually to protect its critical natural resources, it was disclosed yesterday, amid efforts to raise just one-fifth of this sum to fund ongoing conservation projects.