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Vaccines while you shop at Super Value

Super Value’s principal yesterday said he will be “very disappointed if thousands” of shoppers fail to get COVID-vaccinated at two of his stores this weekend, adding: “We must get to 100 percent.”

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Advice for those travelling to Black Friday sales

HEALTH experts are advising persons considering travel to the US for Black Friday sales to ensure they practice COVID-19 preventative measures.

Retailers detect Black Friday spend rebound

RETAILERS reported a “spending rebound” on Black Friday as shoppers queued from 5am to seek-out bargains leading into the Christmas holiday shopping season.

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‘A real dampener’: Fear over new COVID strain

The emergence of a new COVID-19 strain threatens to put “a real dampener” on Bahamian tourism’s rebound and that of the wider economy in the Christmas run-up, it was feared yesterday.

Retailer’s e-commerce portal ‘puts us ahead of competitors’

A major Bahamian retailer yesterday said its e-commerce investment had given the business more “exposure” while allowing customers to shop from the safety of their homes.

BOB: Unleash us for commercial lending

Bank of the Bahamas’ managing director is urging the Central Bank to “level the playing field” by removing the restrictions imposed on its commercial lending in the wake of its near-collapse.

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Union chief hails ‘night and day’ labour change

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) president yesterday accused the former Minnis administration of committing “an unforgivable sin” as he hailed a “night and day” difference in labour relations.

‘Rolling with the punches’ over retail make or break

A Bahamas Federation of Retailers co-chair yesterday reiterated that the Christmas shopping season will be “make or break” for many merchants, adding: “We’re just rolling with the punches.”

Higher turkey prices a Thanksgiving turn-off

A food store manager believes increased turkey prices are turning consumers off from Thanksgiving shopping.

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Hotels ‘can’t ask for more’ over post-COVID rebound

Bahamian resorts are seeing the high-occupancy Christmas period expand by 50 percent, a top hotelier has revealed, adding of the post-COVID rebound: “We couldn’t have asked for more.”

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The Metaverse


FACEBOOK recently changed its corporate name to Meta. This is a move that is more than just an attempt to deal with the brand erosion suffered over the last few years, as the controversy surrounding the social network increased due to hard targeting of users and accusations that its algorithms contribute to the polarisation of society through the dissemination of radical views and false information. The choice of name, Meta, hints at the future envisaged by Mark Zuckerberg for the company.

Bus drivers: ‘Don’t leave us hanging’

Jitney drivers yesterday urged the Government to either approve a passenger fare increase or subsidise the sector given that they are still restricted to 50 percent seating capacity.

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PM urges cruise lines to adhere to environmental regulations

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis urged cruise lines to strictly adhere to regulations relating to pollution and environmental degradation.

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STATESIDE: It’s not easy keeping pace with the polarization of American politics

GIVEN the choice, most of us would probably prefer a public figure or politician whose views are plain and consistent. That way, at least we know who and more importantly, what we are voting for. One of the most damaging criticisms of politicians in recent decades has been the charge of “flip-flopping,” especially in American elections.

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Hotels won’t rebound to pre-COVID employment

A top hotelier yesterday conceded it will “be very difficult” for existing Bahamian resorts to fully return to 100 percent of pre-COVID staffing levels due to the changed working environment.

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Rahming hits back on ‘victimisation’ charge

STATE Minister for Social Services and Urban Development Lisa Rahming has strongly denied allegations that she verbally abused and carried out acts of political victimisation against employees at the social agency, insisting “that’s not who I am”.


SCOTIABANK (Bahamas) has introduced a payment system that allows customers to convert large credit card purchases into smaller monthly installments.

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Families displaced after Haitian community fire

SEVERAL families have been displaced after a structural fire in a Haitian community just off the Kool Acres Subdivision last night.

Level of debt facing the nation

On September 24th, just a few days after the election, we heard the news that the financial Agency - Moody/5 - had seriously downgraded The Bahamas. On September 24th, the National debt stood at $10.35 billion, plus days of 0.13 million and ticking.

‘No signs of slowing’: Realtor in 75% jump

A Bahamian real estate firm yesterday said it is aiming to “hold” the gains realised from this year’s 75 percent sales volume increase in a market that “shows no signs of slowing”.