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A rose that grows from concrete – Bahamian blogger launches successful shop and events company during pandemic

INSPIRED by a poem by the late iconic rapper Tupac Shakur, Bahamian Kiara Rose launched a blog in the midst of the pandemic which has evolved into a popular beauty and lifestyle website and produced an accompanying accessories shop.

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Gambler winnings tax ‘too complex’

The Minnis administration chose not to implement the tax on web shop patron winnings because it was “too complex” and could have driven gamblers back into the underground economy.

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Betting shops new levy scrapped

ECONOMIC Affairs Minister Michael Halkitis said the government will do away with a patron tax on lottery winnings, although the levy was never implemented on gaming houses.

How the bounce-back was working before the fourth wave

The Central Bank of The Bahamas’ (CBOB) Monthly Economic and Financial Developments (MEFD) report for November, said tourist arrivals increased by nearly 3,400 percent from 2020.

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Digital payments player sees off Sebas seizure

A Bahamian digital payments provider has successfully fought off a bid to seize control of its operations by fully repaying the debt owed to Sebas Bastian’s investment house.

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Man shot dead by off-duty officers

OFF-DUTY police shot and killed a man who officers said “brandished” a gun at them outside a nightspot in the Fire Trail Road area on Sunday.

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COVID resets the clock on Arawak Cay operations

FISH Fry at Arawak Cay will go back to late hour service in the New Year as demand picks up.

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VAT change prompts hirings

Super Value will bring in new staff to help with its Value Added Tax (VAT) re-pricing for the January 1 switch to 10 percent from 12 percent.

Open schools

The mission statement of The Ministry of Education & Technical & Vocational Training, Bahamas is “To provide ALL persons in the Bahamas an opportunity to receive a quality education in an interdependent changing world.” I cannot think of a more true example than the world we live in today.

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Obesity can be linked to low testosterone in some men

THE male hormone testosterone plays an important role in regulating sex drive, fat distribution, muscle mass, endurance, bone density, red blood cell production and sperm production, in addition to many other bodily functions.

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New location drives 80% of December sales rise for AID

A major Bahamian retailer yesterday revealed that its newly-opened Blue Hill Road and Coconut Grove store was responsible for 80 percent of the December sales increase seen in Nassau.

Stupid are we!

I see that the politics of remote learning is not keeping pace with the reality of it all. Indeed, virtual learning is a new cultural pill that many Bahamian parents will have to swallow, and adjust to eventually.

Inflation to wipe VAT cut savings

Rising inflationary pressures could wipe out any consumer savings generated by the VAT rate being cut to 10 percent, a supermarket executive warned yesterday.

COVID shutdown for auto dealer’s ‘major generator’

One of an auto dealer’s “two major generators” has likely been forced to close until tomorrow after almost one-third of staff tested positive for COVID-19 amid the latest case surge.

Settling judgments should be a priority

The new Attorney General Ryan Pinder came out guns blazing according to an Eyewitness News post online on November 1, 2021 with headline Unbudgeted and Unfunded: AG says judgments against government ‘have to be paid’.

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‘Red flags’ over financial sector growth eliminated

The Bahamas’ removal from Europe’s blacklist “sets the stage” for financial services growth by eliminating the last “red flags” to doing business with this nation, a Cabinet minister said yesterday.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Naughty’s New Year’s resolutions

How lost were we thinking 2021 would be so much different and better then 2020.

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Dorian rebuild in question for 98% on tax break loss

Some 98 percent of business and home owners in Dorian-devastated Abaco say reinstating 10 percent VAT on construction services will “significantly influence” whether they rebuild or not.

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Govt approved $1m to support Bahamas Pavilion and 'presence' in Dubai

THE Davis administration approved up to $1m to support The Bahamas Pavilion and a Bahamian "presence" in Dubai, according to Director of Communications in the Office of the Prime Minister Latrae Rahming.

Dive operator hopes cancellations don’t exceed 15% mark

A Bimini dive operator is hoping COVID-related cancellations do not exceed the current 15 percent level with “40 percent of more” of annual business generated in the first three calendar months.