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WORLD VIEW: Haiti and Peru biggest worries as democracy in Americas in decline

ALL the countries of ‘the Americas’ ie, those in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean are experiencing political, social and economic trials to some extent.

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Bain denies recent protests responsible for threats on PM

COALITION of Independents Leader Lincoln Bain says he finds it “ridiculous” that people would seek to blame last week’s protest as the catalyst for threats being made to the nation’s leader, insisting the party would never incite people to do such a thing.

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FTX may only owe government real property tax, says AG

AFTER multiple government agencies were listed as FTX creditors, Attorney General Ryan Pinder said the only thing he’s aware of that could be owed to the government by the collapsed crypto currency exchange is real property tax.

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Signing allows $150m Briland expansion

THE Davis administration signed an amended Heads of Agreement yesterday with developers behind the Briland Club Residences & Marina development that will allow for the expansion of the Harbour Island-based project, set to cost some $150m.

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Exuma woman ordered to repay over $10k cash she stole from Paradise Games

A WOMAN was ordered to fully reimburse her former employer yesterday after she admitted stealing more than $10,000 in cash from Paradise Games in Exuma late last year.

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IAN FERGUSON: Customer loyalty brings its rewards

There is no doubt that attracting new customers is essential for your small business. Every business person, especially proprietors of micro, small and medium-sized businesses, are always hungry to increase market share. Turning those first-time buyers into repeat customers, however, is arguably just as important.

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STATESIDE: Church, State and votes

MARGARET and her friend Cecile were worrying about the latest coming of the polar vortex and how it would affect their desire to go shopping in Manhattan later this week. Enjoying a latte together in a suburban New York coffee house as they contemplated changing their plans, Cecile frowned.

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Firearms task force ‘to create safer Bahamas’

PRIME Minister Philip Davis said the success of a firearms task force will make fighting illegal weapons more likely by providing a coordinated and comprehensive approach to the problem.

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Abaco Club opponents in partial Privy Council win

Activists yesterday won a partial Privy Council victory in their battle to prevent public interest legal challenges from being priced out of the Bahamian justice system.

Cruise port to be ‘larger version’ of Marina Village

THE Deputy Prime Minister yesterday said Nassau Cruise Port wants to be “a larger version of Marina Village” on Paradise Island as he confirmed legislation for downtown’s management has been drafted.

Sugar tax? Where’s the fiscal strategy first?

THE Free National Movement blasted the government’s upcoming plans to introduce tax on sugar and excess salt, adding a legally mandated Fiscal Strategy Report has yet to be provided by the government.

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WORLD VIEW: Being homosexual is not a crime - Pope Francis

“BEING homosexual is not a crime. We are all children of God, and God loves us as we are and for the strength that each of us fights for our dignity.” Those words were spoken by Pope Francis, easily the most radical pontiff that the Roman Catholic Church has ever had.

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Hundreds of jobs on the way for residents of South Abaco

SOUTH Abaco residents have been told to get ready for the “hundreds of jobs and economic activity” that the proposed Kakona South Abaco Development will bring to the island, with airport redevelopments not far behind.

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Crimes against the person increased by 23 percent last year

POLICE Commissioner Clayton Fernander revealed on Friday that crimes against the person increased by 23 percent last year when compared to the same period in 2021, including murders, armed robberies and sex crimes that also trended upwards.

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FTX’s Bahamas creditors say minimal sums owed

Multiple Bahamian companies identified as FTX creditors yesterday asserted that the purported sums owed to them were minimal to non-existent.

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Veteran marathoner to raise funds for MD Patient Navigation

Veteran marathoner Ebbie Jackson wants to do all she can to help raise funds to assist those dealing with cancer.

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POLICE PROBE OVER FOOTAGE OF ARREST: Officer seen kicking man in head as he lies on the ground

THE Complaints & Corruption Branch of the Royal Bahamas Police Force is investigating the conduct of two officers during an arrest of a man.

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Grand Bahama residents divided on Moxey’s performance

STRAW vendors and taxi drivers in Grand Bahama have mixed views on calls from Free National Movement leader Michael Pintard for Minister for Grand Bahama Ginger Moxey to be removed.

Grocers chief: Food prices to remain high

FOOD prices will remain high in the short to medium-term, the Retail Grocers Association’s (RGA) president warned yesterday, amid little sign that inflationary pressures are easing.

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WORLD VIEW: Peru troubles highlighting unease across South America

MANY countries in South America are now in a state of troubling unease. Recent events in Peru have catapulted it to the forefront of security concerns in all its dimensions. But worry also exists about other countries which are tiptoeing through political minefields that could explode overnight.