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Royal backdown over crime alert

A major cruise line has agreed to withdraw a crime warning that threatened to “unduly bring fear to passengers coming to Nassau”, a Cabinet minister has revealed.

Marley's lasting legacy to people of The Bahamas

This month of December marks the 39th anniversary of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s International Year of the Child Bob Marley benefit concert at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre. Tuff Gong, as the Jamaican reggae artiste was nicknamed after Gong Guru Maragh, better known as Leonard Percival Howell, was invited by International Year of the Child Commission members the late Beryl Hanna, Rubie Nottage and Telzena Coakley.

Golden Gates residents: Why are businesses being allowed?

SOME Golden Gates residents are protesting alleged zoning law violations they claim have allowed street vendors and commercial businesses to operate in the single-family residential area.

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Govt urged: ‘Hear cry of domestic economy’

The Government has been urged to “swiftly address the cries of our domestic economy” and its inefficient processes otherwise the financial services industry’s adjustment will be undermined.

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Cruise line: Fish Fry ‘crime concern’ area

A major cruise line yesterday “blindsided” a Cabinet minister by warning its passengers that the Arawak Cay Fish Fry was a “particular area of concern” for crime.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Oh, for a little respect while out shopping

IN every life, there comes a time when reality hits with a thud, like realising that you had the whole year to get ready for Christmas and suddenly it is here. And once again, though you promised last year and the year before that and probably the year before that it would never happen again, you blew the 8720 hours since the last time and you have 40 hours left to go before the big day.

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Davis: No reason to block web shop political donations

OPPOSITION Leader Philip “Brave” Davis does not expect the Minnis administration to push a bill that would prohibit web shops and their bosses from giving money to political parties.

Retailers: Christmas sales matched 2017

BUSINESS this Christmas was “steady” and comparable to last year’s holiday shopping period, several local retailers have confirmed.

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Police increase visibility in Grand Bahama shops

POLICE visibility has been beefed up on Grand Bahama, particularly in the main shopping areas throughout the island for the Christmas holidays.

‘Biggest game changer’ for realtors in 30 years

Realtors were yesterday said to be facing their “biggest potential game changer” for three decades as a result of the extra burden imposed by The Bahamas’ new anti-financial crime regime.

EDITORIAL: Happy Christmas to all our readers

As always at this time of year we are delighted to wish our readers season’s greetings while across the globe Christians celebrate the birth of their Saviour. In a world beset by division and conflict, it is heart-warming that the festive season brings people together, with families and friends gathering in a spirit of goodwill and harmony.

Retailers urge better duty-free promotion

BAHAMIAN retailers are hoping to see a pick-up in Christmas holiday sales heading into the weekend, with one executive telling Tribune Business that “word isn’t getting out fast enough” on the clothing and shoe price cuts stemming from the Government’s duty waiver.

Retailers seek ‘positive’ cruise line partnership

BAHAMIAN retailers yesterday called for a more “positive partnership” with the cruise industry, with one executive saying it is a “shame” that passengers are being discouraged from spending locally.

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Ferguson defends crime record but warns: Be careful about company you keep

AFTER three double homicides in as many weeks, Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson issued a blunt warning to Bahamians yesterday: “Be careful with the company you keep.”

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$225m cruise bid: ‘Everybody wins’

Another Nassau cruise port bidder declared its hand yesterday by pledging the facility’s $225m transformation into the “Gateway to the Caribbean” under majority Bahamian ownership.

Bay St ‘survival’ fears over cruise industry port bid

A former downtown Nassau retailer yesterday expressed concern that many remaining businesses may not “survive” if the cruise line-backed bid to take over the port is successful.

Designers named for $500m project

A Princeton architectural firm yesterday said it has been selected to design the revival of Port St George, the $500m investment project proposed for Long Island.

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THE PRESS BOX: Two potential future NFL players all set for Bahamas Bowl, clinic

COLLEGE Football Bowl Month is underway. And once again our very own - the fifth annual Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl - is part of an outstanding lineup on ESPN.

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Witness says gunman asked victim ‘You remember me?’ before shooting

A MAN had just bought tobacco products from a local tuck shop before he was shot dead in the Woods Alley area as part of an alleged murder plot two years ago, a Supreme Court jury has heard.

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SENSELESS: Father-of-three’s murder leaves families reeling

THE Coconut Grove community was left in shock and disbelief in the aftermath of the murder of Mario Cartwright, a husband and father of three small children who was shot unexpectedly as he entered a corner store on Wednesday.