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Powerade sponsors BAARK! Potcakeman Triathlon for 10th year

BAARK! (Bahamas Alliance for Animal Rights & Kindness) is scheduled to host its eleventh triathlon at Jaws Beach on Sunday, February 25.

Bet on web shops

I am by no means a proponent of our web shops and more so, how they came to legitimacy following a plebiscite which clearly said the Bahamian people were against them being legitimised.

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ONE ELEUTHERA FOUNDATION – Educational tourism: A sustainable and transformative niche

In an era where travel is increasingly driven by unique experiences and personal enrichment, niche tourism, particularly Educational Tourism, is emerging as a transformative force not only for travelers but also for small local economies and social development.

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'US laws' hit cruise line's Bahamas ticketing policy

A cruise line popular with Bahamians yesterday disclosed that US "laws and regulations" have forced it to stop selling one-way tickets for voyages out of Freeport to West Palm Beach.

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$510m project to bring more than 3,000 jobs

BRICKELL Management Group is planning a $510m development in western New Providence, with its chairman Sebas Bastian encouraging locals and foreigners to invest in the venture.

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UPDATED: Hotel union stages protest at Sidney Poitier Bridge

Members of the Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union (BHCAWU) staged a protest at the Sidney Poitier Bridge this morning.

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EXTRA PAYOUT OVER UNLAWFUL DETENTION: Court orders $396k settlement for Cuban held without charge

THE damages awarded to a Cuban-born man who was falsely and unlawfully detained at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre have increased by $148k after the Court of Appeal reviewed his case.

Abaco Chamber chief fears port PPP costs

Abaco's Chamber of Commerce president yesterday voiced concerns that outsourcing the Marsh Harbour port's redevelopment to private investors will increase the cost of living on the island.

CIBC unveils Jet Blue tie-up on card launch

CIBC last night launched its MasterCard credit card partnership with the Jet Blue airline.

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Junkanoo legend Anthony ‘Huck’ Williams remembered at funeral

THE Anthony “Huck” Williams 2024 Junior Junkanoo Parade was a spectacular display of culture and talent as 19 schools took to the road on Saturday in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Gov’t to split ‘smart city’ money streams with Aliv

THE Government’s digitisation chief yesterday said it will evenly split the “new money” generated through its three-year partnership with Aliv to transform downtown Nassau into a “smart city”.

Bahamas losing boating ground to the Caribbean

A former Association of Bahamas Marinas (AB) president yesterday warned Caribbean rivals are gaining a competitive advantage over The Bahamas with "new and innovative" legislation.

Subsidies stopped for Margaritaville at Sea

THE government has stopped giving subsidies to Margaritaville at Sea after the cruise company discontinued its one-way cruise travel to and from Grand Bahama, according to John Pinder, parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Tourism.

Balance required on ‘more intrusive policing’

THE response to the recent spike in murders has seen a particular trend – with a greater emphasis on police action balanced against the question of human rights.

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70-room beach club next in Sebas’s $510m expansion

A 73-room beach club located at Love Beach likely marks the next stage in the $510m real estate expansion being pursued by Sebas Bastian’s Brickell Management Group (BMG).

Multi-million project aiming to revive ‘forgotten’ east Nassau

THE developers behind a “multi-million” dollar mixed-use project to the Solomon Springs Plaza’s rear yesterday voiced optimism it will help revive a “forgotten” eastern New Providence if approved.

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ALICIA WALLACE: What is safety and how do we build it?

THE news over the past few weeks has, given the number of murders record just in the first month of 2024, lingered on the issue of safety. Several politicians have expressed concern about the level of crime — with some even calling for capital punishment as if that is a solution — while the prime minister has promised more intrusive policing, the US Embassy has issued its travel advisory, and Chief Superintendent reportedly said The Bahamas is still a safe place.

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Hotel worker ‘lump sum’ as industrial deal agreed

Hotel union members will receive the “first of two lump sum payments” early next week after a new industrial deal for the sector was agreed last night following days of intense negotiations.

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FACE TO FACE – Dr Sharron Neely: Hair care for life

THANKS to lots of activism and education, mental health awareness is on the rise. Mental health refers to emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects the way we think, feel, and act, and it helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. While there are some obvious triggers that lead to the deterioration of mental health, one hair care expert wants the public to know that hair loss is one of the triggers.