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Six arrests in connection with shop-breaking, stealing

GRAND Bahama Police arrested six persons for shop-breaking and stealing after numerous items were discovered at a residence in Eight Mile Rock.

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‘Bankrupt’ warning over PLP’s deal with unions

Private sector representatives yesterday warned that the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) deal with the two umbrella trade unions threatens to “bankrupt companies” if fully enacted post-general election.

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‘Higher prices coming in October,’ says Super Value president

Super Value’s president said higher prices are coming to stores in October, but he will do the best he can to keep prices from getting out of control.

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WORLD VIEW: Venezuela talks – mountain went forth and produced a mouse

IT was predictable that, in an attempt to show they are capable of collaboration, the rival political groups in Venezuela would pick their spurious claim to two-thirds of Guyana’s territory as a show of unity.

Entrepreneur, Royal Caribbean continue PI crown land battle

A Bahamian entrepreneur and Royal Caribbean last night continued their clash over disputed Paradise Island-based crown land that their separate projects are both competing for.

Social workers stage sick-out

SOCIAL workers at the Department of Social Services in Grand Bahama called in sick yesterday, joining their other colleagues in a sick-out that affected many parts of the country.

PLP to ‘encourage’ bank licences for Bahamians

The Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) deputy leader is promising to “encourage the Central Bank” to grant commercial bank licences to three Bahamian groups if elected to office on September 16.

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‘I took $1k of goods so I could play baseball with the kids’

A MAN told a court that he stole more than $1,000 worth of sporting equipment from a local school because he wanted to play baseball with the kids in his neighbourhood.

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COVID delays Island Luck co-founder’s US sentencing

A co-founder of the Island Luck web shop chain has persuaded a US federal court to delay his sentencing by 30 days because he has become ill with COVID-19.

Tax holiday boosts sales for computer retailer

THE value added tax (VAT) holiday boosted sales for one computer retailer – but not for all.

Grand Bahama loses Classica to storm relief

Grand Bahama’s already-fragile economy has lost the benefit of regular calls by the Grand Classica for at least a month after the vessel was redeployed to New Orleans to aid Hurricane Ida restoration.

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Five-year sentence for gun and drugs upheld

THE Court of Appeal yesterday confirmed the five-year prison sentence of a man convicted of illegal drug and firearm possession over four years ago.

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THE KDK REPORT: The world shuts down

THERE are some days when getting out of bed comes with great ease and other times when it is a hard-fought mountainous struggle.

Suddenly, we have an easy choice

Last week was an epiphany to some. But the shocking allegations of conflicts of interest by members of the present government (and their insulting, but predictable refusal to adequately address them by shifting the discussion back to the PLP) should have at least one positive effect.

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AML targeting slash to $6.8m shrinkage

AML Foods is targeting an improvement in inventory shrinkage during its current 2022 financial year after failing to achieve the anticipated reduction during the 12 months to end-April 2021.

Shipper forecasts further hikes in containers, rates

A shipping executive yesterday forecast that container prices and freight rates could increase by 200 percent over current market highs as the world continues to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Minister shrugs off union strike threat

EDUCATION Minister Jeff Lloyd said he is not concerned “whatsoever” by recent comments made by Bahamas Union of Teachers President Belinda Wilson, who warned that the union could take industrial action if schools are not ready before the new school year or if increments are not paid.

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Wildcat action shuts airports

AIRPORT operations on several Family Islands were severely affected yesterday after more than a dozen airport employees refused to show up to work in protest of unresolved workplace grievances.

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FACE TO FACE: We all know someone the virus has taken - how many more?

THE amount of COVID- 19 deaths have risen steadily in recent weeks, so much so that almost every Bahamian knows someone who has succumbed to the virus. It is rampant and merciless. In a small population like The Bahamas, the effects of the disease have hit home for many.

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INSIGHT: The lessons of Afghanistan should not go unheeded

The heart-wrenching scenes in Afghanistan in recent days, which culminated in horrendous terrorist attacks in Kabul airport, sent shock waves across the world and generated much soul-searching in the West. The chaos, desperation, and uncertainty unleashed in the aftermath of Taliban’s rapid take-over of the country was rightfully interpreted as a drastic policy failure of its foreign occupiers.